5/14 Extra bases

Marlon Byrd notched his team-leading 19th multi-hit game, and has hit safely in 13 of his last 15 games. His 15 doubles rank second in the Major Leagues and he’s on pace for a career-high 67 doubles. Byrd also hit his seventh homer in his 35th game. Last year, he set a career high with 20 home runs, and hit No. 7 on June 30, his 66th game played. He’s on pace for 31 homers this year.

* Starlin Castro was intentionally walked in the first and also singled in the eighth. He’s reached base safely in his first seven games and is the first Cubs player to do that since Bobby Scales reached safely in his first eight, May 5-17, 2009. Castro is batting .375 so far.

* Derrek Lee, who was back in the No. 3 spot in the lineup, extended his hitting streak to four games with a single to left in the first. He’s 6-for-16 in the last four games.

* The Cubs have dropped six straight games to the Pirates, dating to Sept. 30, 2009.

— Carrie Muskat 


No matter who in the Cubs organization tries to deny it, word has leaked out that Theriot is upset, and wants to be traded. Fontenot said he wouldn’t sulk, but we forgot about Theriot. We figured that he should be happy to keep a starting job, and get a position more suited to his abilities, but he hates to lose. He would rather the team loses than he does. This spring, he challenged Castro to” come and get it”, and he may be trying to sabotage the rookie. He also lost to Hendry in arbitration. If the Cubs are smart, they will trade him while he had good trade value, while his batting average is high. His average is high, but empty. In almost twice as many at bats, he has as many RBIs and extra base hits as Fontenot, and a lower OBP. The Cubs have lost most of their games since Castro came up, and it is not because of Castro. It is because of a spoiled brat who didn’t get his way.

I hope your sources are wrong.

I can see this being the case. I didn’t think Theriot took lightly last year when he was told not to try to hit home runs either because he probably doesn’t see himself as a “David Ecstein” type player. He has only himself to blame though. Sure, there are a bunch of problems the Cubs have faced this season at any given point. However, I don’t think he would have had to switch over as easily had he been playing like a gold glove shortstop. Makes you wonder how many players on the Cubs actually mean it when they say they are all about the team.

Point is, Theriot is hoping that Castro will not stick, while others see his staying as inevitable. Theriot is used to getting his way, and does not compromise well. He still thinks he can outplay Castro, and force him back to AA. In the meantime, he is sulking, and it is obvious to everyone who observes him. His team mates have been avoiding him. The Cubs should have started the season with Theriot at 2nd, and Fontenot at short, so that when Castro came up, nothing would change for Theriot, who is not flexible. Maybe Theriot will eventually accept Castro, but it is already the middle of May, and the Cubs are almost in last place. Theriot’s bad attitude is adversely affecting the team, and it would be better to trade him than listen to him whine.

Assuming edleweiss is correct just for the sake of conversation I would be dissapointed in Theriot or any ballplayer for that matter if he is for any reason unhappy playing baseball for a living, earning millions over a short career, no matter what the position he “is forced” to play. I hope this is not the case with Theriot. But from the business side of things, just how valuable would Theriot be in a trade? I like him and am happy with his play and satisfied with his production but he certainly is no Derek Jeter. Even though I think Hendry for the most part has failed repeatedly I can only wisht the poor sap good luck when it comes to moving some of these players.

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