5/14 Lineup vs. Pirates

Ryan Theriot was back in the leadoff spot Friday for the Cubs’ series opener against the Pirates and lefty Brian Burres. But when the Cubs face a right-hander, expect to see Kosuke Fukudome back in the No. 1 spot. The Cubs aren’t going to steal a lot of bases but Theriot can hit behind Fukudome and advance the runner.

Here’s the lineup:

2B Theriot

CF Byrd

1B Lee

RF Nady

3B Ramirez

LF Soriano

C Soto

SS Castro

P Gorzelanny

— Carrie Muskat


Are Pinella and Hendry RELATED to Nady? Not only does Hendry give him 3 million for basically blocking Colvin’s path while lobbing the ball in as runners advance at will but Pinella bats him clean up. Last year we HAD to have a lefty bat (Bradley), this year we HAD to have a righty bat (Nady), what’s it going to be NEXT year for Hendry…I’m worried he’ll still be around to think of it.

I’ve got to admit, the Nady signing makes the least sense of any signing I can remember including Soriano. He’s a good hitter, but the Cubs don’t need another solid hitter in the outfield.

I wonder if he could back up first or third. Even if not, Piniella knows that if you want someone to be good off the bench, he has to get some regular playing time. Even if a player is hitting well, he has to be rested to keep him on his game. Starting an outfielder with a bad or injured arm gives someone like Colvin some playing time in late innings.

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