5/18 Lineup & Theriot

Ryan Theriot was back in the Cubs’ lineup Tuesday night and batting second. Theriot has not started the last two games after being hit on the left elbow by a pitch on Saturday.

Here’s the lineup for the finale in this brief series vs. the Rockies:

RF Fukudome

2B Theriot

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

CF Byrd

LF Colvin

C Soto

SS Castro

P Silva

— Carrie Muskat


Yes! I like to see Fukudome in the leadoff spot!

What is wrong with Lou!? He is batting the worst hitters on the team 3 & 4. D-Lee accounted for 7 outs yesterday! Right now the team is full of .300 hitters. Fukudome & Theriot are doing their jobs just to be left stranded. Byrd should be hitting 3rd and Soriano 4th. It’s like deja vu from last year when he kept Soriano batting 1st. Lots of un-productive fly outs and solo home runs. He’s been managing a lot of years to be screwing up the team like this. Nobody cares what D-Lee and Rammy did in the past. This year is THE YEAR!

Unfortunately Lou is blinded by respect for his veterans – and that is what will destroy this season. The best display we have had in the last week was when Soto was promoted up the order last week against the Marlins. If Lou is going to insist on keeping Ramirez in the line-up, he needs to bat at 7 or 8 so he doesn’t negate the OBPs of Fukudome, Castro, Theriot, Byrd, Soriano and Soto. Having sporadic hitters at 3 and 4 just creates a traffic jam of mediocrity.

Yes Ramirez is slowly warming up, but Lee and Aramis must not bat together until their bats are firing.

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