5/22 Lineup vs Rangers

Aramis Ramirez says he can hit, so he’s the designated hitter for the Cubs Saturday night against the Rangers. Here’s the lineup:

2B Theriot

SS Castro

1B Lee

CF Byrd

DH Ramirez

LF Soriano

RF Nady

C Soto

3B Baker

— Carrie Muskat


This lineup is TERRIBLE! I realize that the Rangers pitcher is a lefty, but this lineup is horrible considering what Lou has to work with. Obviously I’m hoping for the best tonight, but I couldn’t have imagined much worse than this lineup with Nady in right who fields the position well, but can’t throw more than sixty feet and Soriano who has a cannon for an arm, but can’t field his position well. Then to put Aramis in the DH slot and hitting fifth makes no sense if his thumb is injured not to mention keeping Lee in the 3 spot when he’s been hitting very, very poorly the last two days. It simply makes no sense on paper. I hope in reality I’m proven completely wrong, but obviously I have some SERIOUS doubts.

pman, as long as Lou continues with his left/righty philosohy it’s going to be a long and painful season. You are correct about the lineup being terrible. Until Lou figures out to go with the best line up we’re in trouble. And just when the DH comes along you would think Lou would figure it out, but no, Lou is Lou, Jim is Jim and the lemmings keep jumping off the cliff. I don’t think there is one opposing team that would be genuinley concerned about facing this 1010 Cubs team. Baker because he’s a righty makes him good??? Nady because he’s a righty makes him good??? And all the while Colvin, Fontenot and Fukodome warm the bench. I can’t figure out who deserves the pink slip first, Pinella or Hendry. (That’s a joke, HENDRY FIRST!!!!)

i cannot figure out why pinella keeps his worst hitters in the middle of the lineup.it makes me sick to see all those 300 hiters on the bench while the sucky hitters play becouse of thier names.maybe Lee and Ramirez need to sit until they figure it out.solong pinella hello sandburg.and signing Howry?what the crap?Pinella and Hendry can go stink up another team together.

Since it’s obvious that the inmates are running the asylum, I can only wonder if current savior Howry would be the DH if he told Lou he can hit?

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