5/22 Ramirez keeps scuffling

Aramis Ramirez was the DH Saturday night and went 0-for-5, striking out four times. It wasn’t pretty.

“He’s struggling,” Lou Piniella said. “We’ll see how he feels tomorrow. It’s been a struggle for him.”

Ramirez now is batting .160 and leads the Cubs with 40 strikeouts. He’s been battling a sore left thumb but told Piniella he was OK for Saturday’s game.

— Carrie Muskat


“We’ll see how he feels…”? Who cares. He is taking us all for mugs and needs to head down AA or AAA until he learns to hit the ball.

Piniella’s obsession with veterans is sickening.

Not as sickening as Hendry’s obsession with signing veterans that either can no longer perform well like Howry who is basically taking valuable experience time away from a younger pitcher that could be applied toward next season when some real baseball will be played with Sandberg at the helm and Hendry at the bar or Nady who may be able to play at some point in his career but certainly not to any meaningful 3 million dollar capabilities this season for the Cubs. Ramirez’s playing time lands squarely in the hands of Pinella however and not Hendry. Pinella says he is here to win games but he seems to be more concerned with getting playing time Ramirez as if that is paramount. I was all for Ramirez “hanging in there” for his defense and a chance at turning his offense around. Now that ship has sailed and he needs to sit as he has gone from bad to worse with NO signs of breaking out, not even some hard hit balls just plenty of non-productive, weak AB’s.

The solution is simple – send up Tracy and DL Ramirez.

But then so was getting in a reliable closer and keeping Marmol as the “reliable” set up guy.

A little sensible management and we’d have won 5-6games that we’d lost and be looking forward to the rest of the season despite Ramirez and Lee.

Lou and Jim like Nero are fiddling as Cubdom burns. This is not to say that the Cubs have zero chance of contending in the NL Central however their chances of contending is more in the hand of other teams rather than their own. If the other teams sputter the Cubs have a slim chance. This team continues struggling for RBI men in the 3 & 4 hole, set-up men and a lead off hitter. Only the 3 & 4 spots are an unforseen issue not directlty linke to Hendry but he should have addressed the lead-off position and the set-up role more thouroughly.

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