5/23 X-rays of Ramirez thumb negative

X-ray of Aramis Ramirez’s left hand were negative but the Cubs third baseman will be sitting for the next few days to give him time to heal and also time to work on his hitting.

Ramirez, who is batting .160, did not play Sunday. He has a bruise and mild sprain of his left thumb. The problem is at the base of the thumb.

“We’re going to give him a little time off,” Lou Piniella said after Sunday’s game. “He’s struggled at home plate. We need to give him some time. Sometimes time heals wounds. You work and you work and sometimes it’s better to get away from it totally and just relax.”

However, Ramirez’s thumb is not bad enough to prompt the Cubs to put him on the DL.

“According to what the trainer has told me numerous times, it’s just a bone bruise,” Piniella said.

Expect to see Jeff Baker and Mike Fontenot at third base.

“I would think a few days will do [Ramirez] good,” Piniella said.

— Carrie Muskat


I dare say it is about time they sit Rami and let him rest, recover and work on his swing.

Ramirez and Baker at 3rd are scuttling the team’s efforts. What does Tracy have to do to get back up?

Piniella’s Ramirez and Lee obsession will stop any chance of a play-off run.

With Tracy up and Baker at AAA the team has adequate cover in all positions and a chance to head into July 5-8games over .500

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