5/25 Lineup & Ramirez

Aramis Ramirez did not start Tuesday to give his left thumb more time to heal. Jeff Baker was at third base instead in the series opener against the Dodgers.

Here’s the lineup:

2B Theriot

SS Castro

1B Lee

CF Byrd

LF Soriano

RF Nady

3B Baker

C Soto

P Dempster

— Carrie Muskat


Good to see that Baker’s rear end is healing, and he isn’t scratching it as much as he did a week ago.

So what Hendry is saying is Baker is the best alternative as a back up infielder? Better than Tracy or Darwin Barney? Well, more expensive anyway and as we all know Hendry loves to waste money on payroll. Pinella assumes Baker and his .215 average MUST be the choice over Fontenot to play third because he is RIGHT HANDED? Great job there Lou, I betcha if Fontenot tried really, really, really hard he too could have gone 0 for 3 against Kershaw. The righty/lefty thing should be thrown out the window and the best player/best player thing should be put in force. Fukodome might have been able to match Nady’s masterstroke performance of 0 for 3 as well (if he put his mind to it) and maybe throw a ball back to the infield on the fly too!!! But both Baker and Nady are RIGHT HANDED, they must be great otherwise why would Hendry spend MILLIONS on them? Exactly.

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