5/25 Rotation this week

The Cubs rotation for the rest of the week will be Tom Gorzelanny on Wednesday, followed by Ted Lilly Thursday, and Randy Wells, Carlos Silva and Ryan Dempster against the Cardinals Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Wednesday will be Gorzelanny’s first start since he was struck on the ring finger of his left hand May 20 in Philadlephia. He had returned to Chicago after that game to be examined and to be with his wife Lindsey for the birth of their first child on Friday.

“It was good timing to be able to go home,” Gorzelanny said Tuesday. “It was nice to be able to help my wife out and get her back home and give her a hand.”

On Monday, the lefty threw a side session at Wrigley and passed all the tests.

— Carrie Muskat



What’s the deal? The cubs sign RHP Bob Howry???? COME ON!!!!!! Don’t the I-Cubs have some young talent? What’s up with the M.Atkins, he’s been climbing the ladder since 2005. PCL Pitcher of the year in ’09, every level all-star in ’06, ’07 and ’08. Got some coffee at Wrigley last year. I keep hearing experience come from Lou Piniella’s mouth. How about results! How about believe in your home grown talent, LOU! Give the kid a chance to prove himself at the BIG LEAGUE level. What’s your take??


Nothing like experience, hitters that know how to deal with going 0 for 3 (Baker & Nady) against lefty pitchers and pitchers like Howry who know exactly how to handle an era over 10…then there’s the experience of a feeble GM, ya’ just can’t put a price tag on all that good stuff! But GAINING experience for players like Colvin, Atkins, Cashner? Nah, only Castro gets to gain experience because if Hendry left him in the minors he would have been laughed out of town. Or if Hendry has to eat tons of bad contract money (Soriano, Nady, Zambrano) just to make room for more talented, less costly players he would be admitting his ineptitude.

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