5/25 The X-factor

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Tuesday night marked the first time in Major League history that two Xaviers have played against each other. Coincidentally, they both started in right field. Chicago’s Xavier Nady and L.A.’s Xavier Paul are the only two X-men to play in the big leagues at the same time, and Tuesday marked the first time they squared off in the same game. According to STATS Inc., there have only been four Xaviers in ML history:


* Xavier Rescigno: A right-handed pitcher, he played for Pittsburgh from 1943-45.

* Xavier Hernandez: A right-handed pitcher who played for Toronto, Houston, New York (A.L.), Cincinnati and Texas from 1989-1998.

* Xavier Nady: San Diego, New York (N.L.), Pittsburgh, New York (A.L.) and Chicago (N.L.) from 2000, 2003-2010.

* Xavier Paul: Los Angeles (N.L.) in 2009-10


— Carrie Muskat


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