6/1 Cubs vs. Pirates

A little Cubs trivia:

* Before losing six games to the Pirates in May, the last time the Cubs lost at least six games to one team in the same month was May 2006 when they went 0-7 against the Padres. The last time the Cubs lost six times to the Pirates in a calendar month was September 1996 when they went 2-6 against Pittsburgh.

— Carrie Muskat


oh man, they blew it again. that makes 7…to the buckos?
sorry for the consistent negativity, but carrie, c’mon…please post some honesty on here along with the info. i’d be curious to see your opinion on the boys as you spend more time around all of them. what’s wrong here? what is standing in their way? themselves? please post some of your opinions sometimes…it is a blog afterall.
at least X had some pop tonight….but alas, they blow it again. sigh.

Good post bleacherbum. What is going on with the Cubs?!?! It’s been too long and we dont seem to see the frustration from the Cubs management/team/front office that the Cubs fans have.

Every time a game starts I look at the lineup and think, my God.. We have some good players. Yet as the game goes on I get more and more disgusted with the way everyone is playing.

How many times do we have players on first or second with no outs and we dont try to manufacture runs by bunting people around or hit and runs.

Hitters need to start hitting. Pitchers need to lower their ERA’s. We need a World Series for the Chicago Cubs. I hope the new owners make that happen.

Whoa all you restless villagers out there, leave the torches and pitchforks for Hendry and or Lou. It’s not Musat who’s NOT DOING ANYTHING,

A very good post.

Carrie, where is the actual news…?

Are the Ricketts taking an interest in the lack of return on their investment?

Are we looking at any trades to trigger the team?

Have the positions of Lou or Hendry been discussed during this latest funk?

WE NEED news, not fluff please…

Sorry, folks, but I didn’t make trip to Pittsburgh (even though Lidia’s is one of my favorite restaurants). Will catch up in Houston. Yes, there’s been interest in D-Lee and Nady by the Angels. And, if you keep in mind the no-trade clauses most of there players have, there isn’t much the front office can do.

UPDATE: Am hearing from reporters who were in Pittsburgh that the Nady/Lee rumors are not true. Stay tuned.

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