6/2 Saving face vs. Pirates

Since 1969, when the save became an official stat, the most saves against the Cubs in a season was seven by Todd Worrell of the Cardinals in 1988 and Billy Wagner of the Astros in 2002. Octavio Dotel is the first Pirates pitcher with five saves in a season against the Cubs
since Dave Giusti had five in 1972. Roy Face of the Pirates was retroactively credited with eight saves against the Cubs in 1962.

Thanks to Cubs historian Ed Hartig for the info.

— Carrie Muskat


i didn’t know where it made the most sense to post/ask this: is there a way or, what is the best way, for cub fans to try to impress upon Jim Hendry that this team may need a managerial change? if this is unrealistic, is it possible for yourself to ask him why this option is not on the table? i’m trying to remain unemotional, but it seems other teams with talent have benefited in recent years by a shake up at the top….. Lou keeps saying he doesn’t have the answers; how is this kind of leadership acceptable?!


Tonights lineup has just confirmed that Lou has dung for brains…

Baker instead of Colvin…?

Ramirez instead of Fontenot…? Tracy batting .400++ in AAA.

This clown has to go, but in the same taxi, Hendry has to share the ride.

We have an expensively assembled team, no leadership and no bullpen.

Everybody’s answer when interviewed is “I just didn’t…” – well you aren’t paid to just not, you are paid to do your job… from Hendry downwards.

We need a closer so we can put Marmol in to clean up 7th and 8th… and we need a 3rd baseman who isn’t lazy and called Ramirez.

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