6/3 Lee & Nady rumors

There’s no truth to the rumors that the Angels have contacted the Cubs re: possibly acquiring Derrek Lee or Xavier Nady. The Angels are looking for first base help with Kendry Morales out after freak accident at home plate. I was told the Angels have not talked to the Cubs about anyone. The Cubs still feel they are in the race in the NL Central. If that doesn’t change by late July, closer to the trading deadline, there could be some moves.

— Carrie Muskat



The Cubs management still thinks their in the race? Have they been watching how the Cubs play against the cellar-dwellers of this league? Forget it! Trade them all NOW while we can still get some quality prospects in return!

well we aren’t even half way thru so I won’t say we are OUT of it but if we just freaking sit around and keep waiting we will be out of… come on guys its time to do something…. ARAM is pitiful and Lee is old… send him to a team that needs the help now and give us some bullpen help… I am anxious to see what Z does today but if I had to guess his best days are behind him also…. GET SOMETHING DONE!!!!!!!

I think standing pat is smart. Baseball can be such a streaky game, and if we traded away these guys we’d probably miss them getting really hot in the summer or down the stretch. 6.5 games back is not insurmountable.

Does Lee’s contract expire after this season ??? If it does
peddle him NOW ! This year is totally lost, get some
good prospects for the future.

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