6/5 Check the calendar

Only Alfonso Soriano, Mike Fontenot, Tyler Colvin and Derrek Lee performed better in the month of May than April. I’m not going to count Aramis Ramirez’s very slight increase. There were some significant dropoffs:

* Kosuke Fukudome had five homers in the first month and one in May. Plus his strikeouts increased in May. He could be bumped Saturday and replaced by Colvin.

* Ryan Theriot drew six walks in April, one in May and that was May 1. His OBP went from .370 in April to .257 in May.

* On the plus side, Soriano had three homers in April and doubled that in May (six).

Here are the batting averages for the first two months:

Byrd: April .348; May .257

Colvin: April .289; May .333

Fontenot: April .305; May .347

Fukudome: April .344; May .253

Lee: April .205; May .257

Ramirez: April .152; May .173

Soriano: April .292; May .308

Soto: April .340; May .200

Theriot: April .337; May .236

— Carrie Muskat

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Why, why, why is Ramirez STILL #4 in the line-up????? This is making me so sick!! Obviously, the whole “consistency in the line-up” thing people talk about IS NOT WORKING! Even the Orioles (the worst team in baseball) clean-up hitter is batting .284. Piniella, look at the numbers and make your line-up using REAL data, not by where some should hit because of their salary!! Man, I am just sick of it!
-Scott Ernst

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