6/8 Game recap

This one is going to sting a little bit. The problem, Lou Piniella said, was Carlos Marmol hitting Rickie Weeks to start the Brewers ninth. Marmol got Carlos Gomez to pop up but Weeks stole second, and the Cubs opted to intentionally walk Prince Fielder. Ryan Braun grounded out and Casey McGehee drove a 3-2 pitch up the middle to give Milwaukee its second win over Chicago in seven meetings this year. Final score, Brewers 3, Cubs 2.

“It’s the first hitter,” Piniella said. “That’s the inning. [Marmol] hits a guy and steals second and that causes a problem.”

“I was struggling a little to throw the slider for strikes,” Marmol said. “Then I hit Rickie Weeks. Then I walk the guy. McGehee, he hit that slider. It was a good pitch.”

“It was just well placed,” Koyie Hill said of McGehee’s game-winner. “It’s a game of inches. You’re just a tick outside of [second baseman Ryan] Theriot’s glove, he knocks it down, tie game and you go into extras.”

— Carrie Muskat


NEVER intentionally put the winning run on base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm…at risk of upsetting bshi90 by documenting yet again my displeasure with Jim Hendry one has to wonder the actual reason Hendry decided McGhee was expenable? Was he making too much money? No. Was he a terrible fielder? He fielded 3B as well as Baker & Fontenot and certainly fields 3B better than Soriano fields left field. Did he carry too much history of being a malcontent? Surely less than Bradley. Maybe Hendry thought the Cubs didn’t need McGhee to at least back up third because we would have DeRosa for years to come? Ha. Or maybe because Hendry was certain Ramirez would NEVER GET INJURED or GET OLDER or experience DIMINISHING SKILLS. Sure, any player you trade or cut may come back and hurt you as was the case with McGhee but when that player was basically let go for nothing in return AND produces runs very well for his new team in your own division all the while the 3B backup/DeRosa “situation” just gets worse and worse, one has to wonder what Hendry is actually doing in his cozy little office.

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