6/9 The kids can play

With the arrival of Stephen Strasburg to the Nationals, Mike Stanton to the Marlins, Ike Davis to the Mets and Jason Heyward to the Braves, Lou Piniella was asked about all the rookies making a splash in the big leagues this year. He’s got a few of his own in 20-year-old shortstop Starlin Castro, Tyler Colvin, James Russell, Andrew Cashner and Jeff Stevens.
“It’s going to get more prevalent,” Piniella said of young kids in the game. “It is going to get more prevalent because these kids are ready and second of all, they’re the future of these organizations. You can build over time around these kids. We’ve got Castro here, we’ve got Colvin here, we’ve got Cashner here, we’ve got Russell here, we’ve got Stevens here, we’ve got a slew of kids and they’ve all done a nice job.”
Does he like managing them?

“I love managing young kids,” Piniella said. “They bring enthusiasm. They want to learn. As long as they can handle it from a mental standpoint, why not? I think you have to bring them along a little slower. With Castro, we put him at shortstop and he’s playing. With Colvin, truthfully, I’d like to do the same thing. I’ve got five Major League outfielders here. Five. They’re all playing well. What we have to do here is the people who are productive are the people who will play.”
— Carrie Muskat

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