6/9 Tracy expected in Milwaukee

Chad Tracy was expected to join the Cubs on Wednesday with Aramis Ramirez going to the disabled list because of his thumb injury. Tracy opened the season on the Cubs’ big league roster, was batting .396 in 26 games at Triple-A Iowa. Tracy has five home runs, eight doubles and 18 RBIs with the Minor League team, notching his third four-hit game on Tuesday against New Orleans, including two solo home runs.

— Carrie Muskat

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Irony strikes again in Milwaukee where Hendry will be calling up Tracy to replace Ramirez but would never have had to sign Tracy if Hendry kept the less expensive McGhee whou is now thriving for Milwaukee! Oh well, I will definatley give Hendry props for recognizing he totally dropped the ball with DeRosa and McGhee and had the capacity to go after Tracy. Tracy is one of the few good pick ups Hendry had this year yet he chose to have him languish in the minors for two months. Would have made more sense to have Tracy on the roster and NOT Nady and his 3 million. Boy, even when Hendry makes a good move it usually stems from the need to patch up his prior bone-headed moves. With Colvin already in the system there was definatley more of a need to keep Tracy in the big leagues but Hendry had to go and tie up a roster spot with an unneccessary Nady.

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