6/10 Santo update

WGN Radio’s Ron Santo will miss Thursday’s broadcast. Santo came to Miller Park not feeling well and went home before the game began. The 70-year-old Santo, who has diabetes, had to be hospitalized briefly when the Cubs were in Pittsburgh last week. The former Cubs third baseman missed the team’s weekend trip to Houston.

— Carrie Muskat

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hi carrie sorry have had time to read all your stories i will catch uo when i get the chance sorry to here about ron santo hope hes feeling better i have diabetes too for a couple years now and and good friend arthirittis excuse my spelling not much fun at all maybe some day a cure for all that bad stuff like that hey sorry to see cubs are doing poory they need to work on there fundamentals seems there weak in that are strong fundamentals wins alot of ball games so back to basics and just be happy as hell you can walk out on the field and ball alot of men will becoming back from war that wont beable to walk remeber how lucky your are just to beable t play the game im 60 and would love to be out there everyday playing like a kids having the time of my life there some he luckest people in the world getting to plat ball at any level so have fun have the time of your life you will win give it your best play smart and be fundamental strong the habit will last you all the rest of your lives and set an exsample for all to follow have fun and good luck bill i promise to rad more of your collems best of luck to the cubs and all bill

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