6/10 Sloppy, sloppy play

Mistakes cost the Cubs on Thursday. With the game tied at 4 in the Milwaukee 10th, Bob Howry walked Carlos Gomez. Craig Counsell then bunted and third baseman Chad Tracy threw to first for the force. Gomez kept running. Xavier Nady threw to catcher Koyie Hill, who was covering at third, and missed everyone. Gomez scored on the error.

“I just tried to make a perfect throw and it sailed on me,” Nady said.

“It was a perfect situation for the Brewers,” Hill said. “They had a guy up there at the plate [in Counsell] who takes a lot of pride in what he does and he practices those situations so when it does come up, he gets the bunt down to the right side of the field. They have the perfect guy on first base [in Gomez] who is one of the fastest guys in the league and they had one of the worst fundamental teams on the field, so it was a perfect situation for them.”

With Hill covering at third, nobody was protecting home if the Cubs did try to get Gomez at home.

“I looked a little bit to home plate and I saw Counsell drop a bunt so I wasn’t stopping,” Gomez said. “They had no chance to throw me out at third because the catcher had to run to third.”

“It was great baserunning,” Counsell said. “I think [Gomez] basically had it in his head that he was going to third and he never slowed down. They weren’t going to get him, even with a good throw.”

— Carrie Muskat

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