6/11 Lou lashes out at criticism

Lou Piniella lit into White Sox broadcaster Steve Stone who has been critical of the way the Cubs are handling outfielder Tyler Colvin. Stone said: “I think that means that Lou doesn’t have a great grasp on what to do with young players.” Stone says Colvin needs 30 at-bats a week, minimum.

Piniella was asked prior to Friday’s game about Starlin Castro and Colvin, and then took off. Here’s a transcript:

“Castro basically has played every inning of every game,” Piniella said. “With Colvin it’s a more difficult situation for me. I’ve got five Major League outfielders here. It’s not fair that I abandon one or two of them. It’s not fair and I’m not going to do it. I’ve said I’ll try to get Colvin in there as much as I can and that’s what I’m doing. Colvin is a fine young player and his time is going to come. I’ve got five people here who deserve to play as well.”

Piniella said Alfonso Soriano was starting because he’s hitting “.400 off [Jake] Peavy,” and that Kosuke Fukudome is 4-for-6, and Marlon Byrd “has basically been our best hitter.”

“It’s a tough situation,” Piniella said. “I know I get criticized for it. We’ve got a lot of people here who haven’t managed or won any games in the big leagues but they know everything. They really do. I think they should try to put the uniform on and try this job and see how they like it when they get criticized unjustly. That’s all I have to say about that issue.”

Of course, that wasn’t all he had to say.

“You get tired of it,” Piniella said, unprompted. “I’m trying to do the best job I possibly can. the only people I need to listen to are the people in my organization. That’s it. I get tired of being nitpicked and I get tired of being criticized unjustly. Why don’t they talk to me first before they do it and get my points and my feelings and then make a determination?

“The same way that I get called ridiculous, they’re ridiculous in the way they report things, too.”

Someone tried to ask about Peavy again, but Piniella wasn’t finished.

“And another thing I’m going to say, I’ve won over 1,800 games as a manager and I’m not a [darn] dummy,” he said. “There are only 13 others who have won more games than me so I guess I think I know what the [heck] I’m doing.”

Asked if it was someone specific on radio or TV that made the comments, and Piniella said the Chicago media has treated him well and he enjoys the beat writers.

“Talk to me — get my feelings, get my viewpoints,” he said. “And then if you don’t agree with me, say what you want. But at least give me the courtesy of defending myself and giving my explanation of why things are done and not done. That’s all I ask. And that’s only fair.”

Asked if he would address the critic directly, Piniella brought up Stone’s name.

“I’m tired of it,” he said. “Steve Stone, he has enough problems doing what he’s doing with the White Sox. What job has he had in baseball besides talking on television or radio? What has he done? Why isn’t he a farm director and bring some kids around? Why isn’t he a general manager and put the uniform on and been a pitching coach? Why hasn’t he been a field manager? There’s 30 teams out there who could use a guy with expertise like that. I’m tired of some of these guys, I really am. Now let’s go to baseball.”

— Carrie Muskat


Well played, Lou. Time for the team to rally around their manager/fans/organization. This is the weekend to send the White Sox into rebuilding mode and start the climb to the top!!

Good for you Lou!!!

I love it when Lou gets that fire in his eye (or comments)… but I gotta say that I kinda agree with both sides… I do wish Colvin would be in the lineup more but I also see Pinella’s side on what to do with the 5 outfielders we got… I really wish we could put a trade together with a team to better our bullpen or corner infield spots… Idk maybe I am the only one but something needs to be done here or we are going to stay 7.5 games out of the race… I love the cubs but they have been real tough to watch so far… at least the ‘Hawks were awesome!!!

Steve Stone is a piece of trash, why do you think he is with the Sox? So glad he isn’t Cubs broadcaster anymore, lamest guy out there…

For the most part Lou makes valid points regarding Stone and “doing something” other than talk on T.V. but if he lacks what it takes to get on the field or behind a GM desk that does not preclude him from commenting. Lou looks tired and it may not just be from hearing criticism. Although Stone does quite often come across as a prima donna he does make an obvious point about Colvin’s playing time COMPARED to Castro’s. Lou’s comment regarding 5 players that deserve to play…deserve to play?
I suppose that’s up to him to decide but can’t the same be said for Fontenot and his average? You certainly don’t see Fontenot rotating with Castro and I think it’s because Lou KNOWS Castro brings the best defense to the position and that’s exactly what Colvin does, brings defense WITH offense and to me that sounds VERY DESERVING of more playing time than either Soriano or Fukodome.

lou does a far better job of managing then most of the managers of the cubs in the recent past. and he truely does try to play the whole bench. i like his strategy of playing those who are doing the best job regardless of their salary, thats keeps the players from turning into prima donnas. way to go lou!

constance, if that is Lou’s strategy then explain why Colvin has such little playing time????

I can see both arguments, but the one reation to it is that Lou is out of touch with reality and MUST GO NOW.

As a manager, which players has Lou improved through his skilled man management?

Theriot who continues to sulk?
Fukudome who is on his annual decline?
Lee and Ramirez who continue to be in denial?
Wells who is only now seeing that he may need to change things?
Lilly who he brought back from injury too early before he had built up his armstrength?
Gorzelanny who has gone from being a passable No.4/5 in the rotation to being a bullpen liability?
Soto who is putting the pounds back on as his OBP slips?

What part did he play in the woeful trades to bring in Grabow and Nady?

I am angry. Angry that my beloved Cubs are a joke both defensively and attitude wise despite having the higest paid coaches and 3rd highest payroll in MLB.

Start the firesale now to get in the prospects we need to rebuild and to trade bring in Adrian Gonzalez, a top line catcher and shortstop and rebuild the roster and bullpen.

hi carrie its bill hey i think lou is right why isnt steve stone a gm someplace i think he would be a great one hey maybe he just doesnt love the game of baseball any more it happens calvin i think is doing fine no reason to put undo pressure on him let him work his way into the starting job im sure he doesnt mnd he looks confedent enough and castr well hes going to be a start and a note on ron santo he was the first super star of the game of major league baseball so why isnt he in the hall hey best of luck to lou the cubs and all over have a fun day bill

it is still very early with a lot of games within the division coming up.
a deep breath is needed and remember this playoff thing will be settled around game 158.
Cubbies lets get hot in October.
fans never give up!

Go Cubs!

I am a die-hard Cubs fan and I’m tired of hearing how Lou gives the hot hand the at bats…Fontenot .300+ and Baker is in (?). Nady goes 4 for 4 and he’s on the bench next game. Yes, I know, lefty lefty, etc. I love Aramis, but he should have been benched a month ago and put on the disabled list over two weeks ago now. He and Derek know their swing better than anyone (?). Judging by the results, I don’t think so. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of one of the best hitting coaches out there? Welles now 0-5 over his last starts, but he isn’t listening to one of the best pitching coaches in baseball(?). He’s not ready when the game starts…he better change something! Do you talk to Theriot privately? I read comments that Theriot needs to get on base and not swing for home runs, take more walks, steal bases, get on for the guys behind him (…and they are hitting at the .200 level), etc. How often do you give the ‘take’ sign? Start walking the walk Lou, not just talking the talk. Go Cubs! Go Lou! I still believe we can do it…but time is running out.

Lou’s comments this week about playing time may very well reveal the Cubs’ anemic run production. He’s trying to be “fair’?!? He needs to put together a lineup card and stick with it IMHO. This fairness thing is going nowhere in the win column. It seems pretty obvious to me … Theriot 1, Byrd 2 (the two guys with with more base hits than just about anyone else in the league) Colvin 3 (he’s hit.300 all year and slugs consistently), Lee 4 (struggling, but still a force), 5 Soriano / Nady / Fukadome (take your pick, but Colvin starts) Ramirez 6 (Fontenot or Baker in the meantime), Soto 7, Castro 8.
Solidify the top four at least and we might see some runs – and he still has the 5 and 6 spots to play the hot hand or righty/lefty percentages. This fairness approach might make Lou a nice guy, but we all know what Durocher said about nice guys …

Hustlelikdreed, I don’t think Nady was a woeful trade, I think he was a woeful 3.3 million dollar free agent signing. Typical of Hendry’s style. You think Hendry is already working on an extension for Nady in 2011 to play first base? Ha! Hendry and Pinella I believe are too enamored with the veterans that have HAD a good year or two with other teams. There seems to be a concerted effort to get them playing time no matter what. What about Lou leaving Nady in to face a right hander late in game two of the Sox series with Colvin on the bench? THEN he brings in Fukodome to play right and bat in the ninth and he gives you his typical weak at bat chopper. Maybe Colvin was hurting, if not Lou lost it. He wasted a player with that move. But all is moot at this point. Hendry’s past boneheaded acquisitions are now showing their true colors. Let’s just start with a new GM, then manager, then roster. I’ll take a serious 5+ year plan over this hit or miss crud Hendry keeps dishing out.

I can see both sides of the argument, but Lou really needs to stop living in the past. I don’t care how many games he’s won as a manager in his career – he’s not winning now. We’re not going to back and win a World Series three or four or ten years ago. The time is NOW and adjustments need to be made. Someone mentioned we need a solid lineup and I agree. Spring training is the time to be fair to all players. Bench players are important, and you need to substitute & rest players often…but we really need a solid ground starting lineup if we’re going to start producing runs.

Just because somebody does not hold a title such as GM or is not an employee of the Cubs does not mean they are incapable of astute observations and comments regarding the Cubs and the failure to play their good, young players, in this case Colvin. Maybe it is Stone’s love of the Cubs that drives his frustration when he sees such blatant mis-field managing and mis-general managing. Just maybe is all I’m saying. Nobody could or should argue with the lack of playing time Colvin recieved the first two months of the season after we were all told he is deserving of a starting job. Quite possibley the Cubs may be a few games up on the win side if he played in the place of either Fukodome or Soriano. Look at Hendry and Lou they ARE hi-ranking Cubs employees and they both come across as completley clueless at times. They have even less room to criticize Stone because as a broadcaster/anylist Stone does a good job. As field and general managers Pinella nd Hendry do not.

Steve Stone was once a pitcher, now a broadcaster, and has nothing to do with the cubs anymore but talk trash! So why does he even open his mouth!? I know why, and thats because he’s jealous of the cubs, just like everyone else.

…..I would like Lou to look me in the eye and tell me he’s done a great job. How many times is he going to put Grabow in a tight game and give him another chance to blow a game. Why is Soriano playing defense after the 7th inning ? Especially, with a lead. Tell me Lou…..

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