6/12 Lineup & roster moves

The Cubs will add a fresh arm to the bullpen once Mitch Atkins arrives. Atkins was flying from Memphis and had a stopover in Indianapolis and his flight was delayed. No corresponding move will be made until Atkins arrives.

Here’s the lineup for Game 2 vs. lefty Mark Buehrle and the White Sox:

2B Theriot

3B Baker

1B Lee

CF Byrd

RF Nady

LF Soriano

C Soto

SS Castro

P Silva

— Carrie Muskat


Can I get Castro, Theriot and Byrd at the top of the order and start running. Cubs need to play small ball and run run run to get the team going. Also take the training wheels off Sori get him running as well. Make something happen. I’m tired of scoring 2 run for every 10 hits.

1for63, that sounds like at least a plan to take advantage of what little speed the Cubs have but like I said, it’s a PLAN and Pinella and Hendry don’t seem to have a plan other than “being fair” to the veterans and making sure Hendry’s overpaid players get the playing time so Hendry doesn’t look like a COMPLETE fool, or does he? A line up featuring Baker and Nady…oh boy, the Sox must be shaking in their spikes!

1 for 63 and Joeydafish I like this speedier lineup, we do need to take advantage of what speed we have!
Fontenot or Tracy
Nady at firstbase

I wouldn’t mind seeing another prospect called up to take Soriano’s spot in our new, speedier lineup. At Soriano’s rate of production we have little to lose so we might as well try somebody that can run the bases, catch the ball, handle the bat and by that I mean NOT swing at crap and have a better chance of getting on base to be driven in rather than waiting for a one week strectch of production from Soriano. If wer’re going to do this let’s get it over and done with. Same goes for 3rd and first. Sit all the non-producing veterans and play the youth, get them the experience while we have the opportunity since this current roster is going nowher.

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