6/12 Streaks

The Cubs’ high water mark so far this season is .500. They’ve reached that four times. They have yet to get above .500. The longest win streak has been four games, which they’ve done twice. Can they put together a long winning streak?

“Why not? Why can’t we?” Lou Piniella said. “It’s been a  struggle. We’ve been to .500 four times this year and we haven’t been above .500 at all. There’s no reason why we can’t. I’m hoping, I’m optimistic but we have to get it done on the field. We have to stay at it and keep grinding and get some breaks and have things go our way.

“Every day I come to the ballpark, I’m hopeful we start a winning streak and get ourselves closer to .500 and at .500 and above .500. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. We’re trying like heck.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Lou’s comments this week about playing time may very well reveal the Cubs’ anemic run production. He’s trying to be “fair’?!? He needs to put together a lineup card and stick with it IMHO. This fairness thing is going nowhere in the win column. It seems pretty obvious to me … Theriot 1, Byrd 2 (the two guys with with more base hits than just about anyone else in the league) Colvin 3 (he’s hit.300 all year and slugs consistently), Lee 4 (struggling, but still a force), 5 Soriano / Nady / Fukadome (take your pick, but Colvin starts) Ramirez 6 (Fontenot or Baker in the meantime), Soto 7, Castro 8.
Solidify the top four at least and we might see some runs – and he still has the 5 and 6 spots to play the hot hand or righty/lefty percentages. This fairness approach might make Lou a nice guy, but we all know what Durocher said about nice guys …

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