6/13 RISP issues

The Cubs have not had much margin for error lately. In the last five games, they are 5-for-37 with runners in scoring position. That’s one hit per game.

“It’s hard to play perfect games and when you’re not scoring runs, any little thing that happens on the field becomes magnified,” Lou Piniella said. “If you had seven or eight runs on the board, well, a guy missed a tag at second base. We would talk about it tomrrow and get it corrected. We did that today. The tarp was on the field but we did it out in the outfield and you correct the thing.”

Which means Piniella worked with shortstop Starlin Castro on how he handles throws at second.

“Boy, when it costs you a ballgame, that’s the play that you talk about or a ball falls somewhere or a play isn’t made — look, that’s the way this game is,” Piniella said. “That’s why I say if you want to put together something constently winning-wise, you have to score runs. I think we talk about this and we talk about that. Yesterday we were 1-for-10 with men in scoring position. Six strikeouts. When you’re striking out, you’re not advancing runners either.

“You’ve got to score runs and when you’re not scoring runs, you have to play perfect. It’s a tough game to play, I realize that. You’ve got to be a team that’s well above .500 to do that with consistency.”

— Carrie Muskat

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