6/13 The Cup comes to Wrigley

For a few minutes, bragging rights between the Cubs and White Sox were set aside and everyone was a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks. The newly crowned Stanley Cup champions were feted at Wrigley Field prior to Sunday night’s Interleague game between the crosstown rivals. Jonathan Toews carried the silver trophy into the ballpark from the right field corner, hoisting it over his head as the song “Chelsea Dagger” played. He passed it off to his teammates as they paraded around Wrigley, beginning in front of the bleachers.

Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville and Cubs manager Lou Piniella lifted the Cup together for photographers but when Coach Q took it over to the White Sox side, manager Ozzie Guillen lifted it himself. The Blackhawks then gathered on the mound and team president John McDonough, who held the same title with the Cubs for one year and was the long-time marketing director of the Major League team, placed the Cup on the pitching rubber.

Marian Hossa, wearing plaid shorts and sunglasses with his jersey, filmed the scene from the pitcher’s mound while Patrick Kane ran around the infield with a Blackhawks flag.

In a show of sportsmanship — and a great photo opportunity — the Cubs, White Sox and Blackhawks all gathered around the mound and the Cup for photographers.

Best of all, Jim Cornelison, who sings the national anthem at the United Center, only to be drowned out by the crowd’s cheers, did the honors at Wrigley Field. The rowdy crowd responded, applauding and yelling.

— Carrie Muskat

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