6/14 Cubs Inbox

Derrek Lee and first base are the hot topics in this week’s Cubs Inbox. Email your questions to cubsinbox@gmail.com, and please include your full name and hometown.

Q: I’ve heard rumors that Derrek Lee may be traded to the Angels. I know he’s struggled at the plate at times but I can’t imagine him playing anywhere else. Is this possible? — Adam S., Grand Island, NE

A: The Angels have been on a hot streak since first baseman Kendry Morales broke his leg so they may not be actively pursuing a replacement. One thing to keep in mind regarding rumors: Lee has a no-trade clause so any possible deal has to be approved by him. Even though he’s not hitting as he has in the past, he’s Gold Glove at first and with the way the Cubs have been struggling to score runs, they need the defensive help.

Q: I’ve heard a lot about D-Lee being traded to the Angels and it got me thinking: Who would be considered our first baseman of the future? I’d like to think I’m very familiar with the Cubs top prospects and I haven’t heard a first baseman mentioned among them. — Chris C., Naperville, IL

A: Maybe it’s Tyler Colvin. He played first in high school and at Clemson, and could take over. This is the last year of Lee’s contract with the Cubs. He does have a first base mitt.

(Note: Please send questions to the above email address only. Thanks.)

— Carrie Muskat


What about the Cubs triple A team in TN. My brother goes to those games all the time and said that the first-baseman (I can’t remember his name) should be moved up because he is such a good player. Sounds like the Cubs already have a good replacement for Lee if they just paid attention!

The Cubs team in TN is AA, the AAA team is in Iowa. For all you fans that can’t imagine Lee playing anywhere else, get a grip and a better imagination, Lee is done either by the trade deadline or the end of the year but 2011 we’ll have a new first baseman. God help us if Hendry thinks Nady is the answer. I think Colvin at first would be wasting his outfield prowess but I’ve seen Hendry force his managers to put the wrong people in the wrong position before just by putting them on the team.

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