6/15 Comedy of errors

When it rains, it pours. Derrek Lee and Tyler Colvin each made two errors in one inning Tuesday night against the Athletics. It’s the first time the Cubs have committed two errors in two different innings of the same game since Sept. 12, 2006, against the Dodgers, and first time they’ve made four errors in one game since Sept. 12, 2009, against Cincinnati.

Lee entered the game having gone 59 straight without an error, his longest streak since a 62-game stretch to begin the 2007 season. It’s the fourth time the Cubs have committed two miscues in a single inning this season but first time one player made both since Kosuke Fukudome did so Aug. 23, 2008, against Washington. Colvin’s two-error seventh was the fifth time this year they’ve made two errors in one inning.

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

At least Colvin wasn’t afraid of the wall, he has the ability to get better with more of the “promised” playing time that Lou said would happen. However even though Fukodome is not worth the bat he carries to the plate the Cubs are so pathetic this year I would still rather have Colvin replace the TERRIBLE FIELDING (and now anemic hitting) Soriano in left instead of the VERY GOOD fielding, yet anemic hitting Fukodome in right. Might as well use Fukodome’s defense since that is the best you’ll get out of either Soriano or Fukodome. The whole season is all about the lesser evil…

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