6/17 Angels at Wrigley

The Angels will be making their first visit to Wrigley Field in Chicago starting Friday when they arrive for a three-game Interleague series. The Angels are the 15th and final American League team to play at the park.

However, this will not be the first time the Angels have played a game at “Wrigley Field.” In 1961, their first year as an American League club, the Angels played in Wrigley Field in Los Angeles. Known for its very short power alleys, there were a season record 248 home runs
hit at the Los Angeles Wrigley in its only season as a Major League park. In 1962, the Angels moved their games to Dodger Stadium.

The L.A. Wrigley was designed to look similar to the Chicago Wrigley (long before the current bleacher and scoreboard configuration). However, the L.A. version was actually the first
official Wrigley Field. It opened in September 1925 while the park in Chicago didn’t officially get the name Wrigley Field until a Dec. 3, 1926, board meeting, which changed it from Cubs Park.

For movie trivia buffs, the Los Angeles Wrigley was often the site of movie and TV shows. For example, “It Happened Every Spring” with Ray Millard was filmed there as were episodes of TV’s “Home Run Derby” and “The Munsters.” The ballpark was demolished in 1966.

Thanks to Cubs historian Ed Hartig for the info.

— Carrie Muskat


Maybe the Angels will take home a first and second baseman with them…we can only hope.

Do they need a second baseman? How about a general manager?!?!?!?

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