6/17 Big step for Nady

In the fifth inning Thursday, the Athletics had a runner at second and two outs when Rajai Davis hit the ball to right. Xavier Nady threw home, although not in time to get the runner. But the fact that he was able to scoop up the ball and throw was huge.

“That’s a big step from a mental standpoint,” said Nady, coming back from two Tommy John surgeries on his right elbow.

Normally, the Cubs infielders go back to help Nady out so he doesn’t have to make a throw home. First baseman Derrek Lee asked, but Nady said he didn’t even see Lee when he fired the ball. The Cubs worked on Nady’s throwing mechanics, starting in Spring Training, and had expected him to be OK by June.

“It felt great today,” Nady said of his arm.

— Carrie Muskat


Scoop up the ball and throw is huge. A big mental step. Infielders helping out an outfielder that can’t throw at full strength. An outfielder that needs his throwing mechanics worked on. An outfielder the Cubs thought would be “O.K.” by June…by June!! So now, MAYBE, we might get two months of a fully functional yet still un-remarkable ballplayer. What a 3 million dollar BARGAIN Hendry pulled off! It’s just not fair to all the other GM’s out there. All other teams should just throw in the towel knowing Hendry is in dogged pursuit of such players like Nady, Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley, Miles (c’mon people, pile on. I can’t think of all of them)…this team is stuck in a rut until Hendry either leaves or realizes his own minor league system is more capable than the free agents he acquires. We desperatley need smarter general managing.

yeah I see what you’re saying but Nady actually would have been a good pickup except for that fact that we now have 5 major league outfielders… thats the problem… Nady is needed… I actually think he should be platooning with Lee because Lee freaking sucks… I DONT CARE ABOUT DEFENSE AT FIRST BASE…. I want some stinking runs…. I am hating Hendry just as much as you are because I think he spends his money on the wrong pieces of the puzzle… I love the fact that Cubs have money to spend but Hendry is terrible at spending it!!!! I do totally disagree with you in the fact that you think a team of farm prospects will get us to the WS… it takes free agent signings and I am glad the Cubs have signed players but we suck at picking the right ones to go after and sign… fukudome…. soriano (has had moments of being worth some big money but not what he got)… miles… bradley… it took Hendry two tries to get the right outfielder from the Rangers…. haha what a joke…. Lou is not the problem!! Its Hendry and its time for him to let Maddux take over and get us going in the right direction… maddux is a winner and very smart person… he would be great for the job!

petrey10, where did I say a team of farm prospects will get us to the world series?? I said the minor league system is more capable than Hendry’s free agents, not capable of getting us to a World Series. I’m all for free agent signings just not in the hands of Hendry. Colvin is more capable (and by that I mean more productive) than Nady, no reason to spend millions on THAT free agent, should have spent the money on an actual needed player not a player that would actually cause a logjam in the outfield, what manager needs that? Nady was not signed to back up first base, he was signed to make up for the lack of offense from one of Hendry’s past mistakes (his way of doing business…) Fukodome. The domino effect is well in progress all started by Hendry’s misguided attempts at free agents. First Bradley now Nady, both only acquired because of the Fukodome failure. The DeRosa/McGhee failures lead to Baker and now Tracy. Hendry never ADDS to very good deals or signings he trys to MAKE UP for bad ones.

Joey, you can hardly call the DeRosa deal a failure. Look at the numbers he put up in 2009 and where he is now… the DL. And we got Jeff Stevens for him, who will be a stud. I also have no problem with the Nady signing. He is healthy now and has more RBI’s than your beloved Colvin in less at-bats. It’s a shame about McGehee, but you have to realize that he was already 25, JUST made his major league debut, and showed no offensive potential whatsoever. You always jump the “blame Hendry” conclusion without even attempting to think through possible motives. How about Silva for Bradley? Oh, AND 9M to go with it. Brilliant move, if you ask me. How about his free agent signing of Marlon Byrd? Any credit for that? No, Hendry is doing a great job as GM. At some point you need to shift the blame from the management (who doesn’t deserve it) to the players (who do). Are you going to blame Hendry for Lee and Ramirez’s struggles at the plate this year? Of course not. Please be reasonable. Also would you complain at all if Hendry signed Nady for the league minimum of 400k? No. So you instead put up a huge fight about the 3 million extra he spent on Nady… which is pocket change for this franchise.

sosa, errrrr…I mean Jim, I have given Hendry credit for Byrd in my past comments. Byrd is a very good player, good pick-up but not the answer to a lead-off man and Hendry had to go out and get somebody like Byrd to offset the terrible Soriano and Fukodome signings. There is no design to Hendry’s dealings. If one (and I don’t blame him) doesn’t blame Hendry for the struggles of Lee and Ramirez then one shouldn’t give credit to Hendry for “foreseeing” DeRosa’s struggles. At the time DeRosa was a very good fit and filled a very crucial role on a very good team, no reason to trade THAT pariticular player. McGhee 25 years old and showing NO OFFENSIVE POTENTIAL??? What McGhee were you following? Bradley for Silva? AnybodY might have made that deal as it was probably THE ONLY DEAL OUT THERE FOR BRADLEY as Silva was also a bum for the previous two seasons, don’t tell me that Hendry didn’t get luckY by Silva’s turn around. I’ll give Hendry credit for being able to trade Bradley for ANYBODY but that credit is far outshadowed by his incredibly stupid signing of Bradley to begin with. And I would complain about Hendry signing Nady for the league minimum or even less as Nady remains a player that has no legitamate role on this team, paying him over 3 million only makes Hendry look more foolish especially going into the seasnon KNOWING Nady was nursing his arm all while thought of as an OUTFIELDER? No arms needed there, I guess. Whether 3 mil is “pocket change” or not, it should have benn better spent on filling other needs. Hendry is in love with DH style players and his style is hampering this team and any manager along with it. Nady vs. Colvin for RBI? How about an all around player contributing with more than one skill? You know, like THROWING AND CATCHING. If you love the one dimensional so-called “offensive studs” that Hendry gets (only to find out they are not as productive as advertised) then keep backing Hendry. If I were the owner I for one would prefer a more balanced team lead by a smarter GM that recognizes the teams needs and addresses them without 8 year contracts to one dimensional free swinging defensivley challenged players or their ilk. Ramirez, Lee, Byrd, DeRosa were well thought out acquistions by Hendry, he did a good job but the BAD is just too GOD-AWFUL BAD. Go ahead and cut Hendry slack, but cut him loose too.

Yeah, lets talking about these terrible “signings”, shall we? You be the GM for a moment. Your team just came off of a 66 win season. You have money and there’s a free agent outfielder coming off a 40-40-40 season (hr, 2B, steals) on the market who is, by the way, the only player in major league history to accomplish that feat. What kind of deal do you give him? This is Soriano, obviously, who had two great years in ’07 and ’08 before suffering through injuries last year. Solid 2010 bounceback so far. On to Fukudome. Keep in mind that after his Japan numbers, the White Sox were reportedly prepared to give him almost the exact same deal during the ’07 offseason. True, he hasn’t played up to our expectations or his salary, but he HAS provided fantastic right and center field defense. He is a valuable trade piece right now as long as we pick up some or most of his remaining salary for 2010. Remember that money really isn’t an obstacle for the Cubs, especially in this premier season for the Ricketts who are prepared to spend whatever extra they need to in order to have a successful 2010. And don’t forget about Fuku’s OBP which is, as most experts agree, more important than average. True, he hasn’t slugged like we hoped but he also hasn’t been a complete bust. Next, Nady. The only reason he was signed was to platoon with Fuku, who, by the way, hit a solid .270 against RHP last year. Fuku’s struggles against lefties are well documented so it made sense to platoon the professional hitter Nady with him. Now, who was Colvin before spring training this year? That’s right, nobody. He was on NO ONE’S radar. Did you predict him gaining 25 pounds of muscle and having the season he currently is? Did Steve Stone? Did anybody? No, which is why the Nady signing made sense. Now why don’t we talk about Bradley for a moment. You’re the GM again, and your team just got swept in the playoffs and the outcry from the fans and media is to acquire a power lefty bat. There just happens to be such a bat, one that hit .321, led the AL in OBP and posted a .999 OPS the year before. You know he’s not that popular a player with his manager or fans, but you figure when he hits, everybody will be happy. You trust that your veteran manager can handle this hot-head. This player is in his prime, while the other lefty (but not switch-hitter) option on the market is the also defensively liable and aging 38 year old Raul Ibanez. Who do you sign? What kind of deal do you give him, after fans demand change? Now, I’m not defending Bradley. Yes, in hindsight, it was a catastrophic signing. He got on base, but wasn’t the RBI guy we hoped. His off-field issues (and outs-counting issues) are well documented. All I’m saying is AT THE TIME before the ’09 season it looked great. Switch hitter, very talented guy. Didn’t work out. This one goes on Hendry’s list of “bad” contracts, but what would you have done? And the Cubs clearly got the better end of the deal with the Mariners, not to mention 9 million to boot. Which means that RIGHT NOW, the adverse effects of this bad signing ARE mitigated and negligible, especially because the man acquired to replace Bradley in outfield, Byrd, is doing a phenomenal job. Put yourself in the GM’s shoes for once. Oh and about Casey McGehee… you consider a .368 OPS offensive potential? Give me a break. Nobody, including you and I, thought he was going anywhere. That’s baseball.

40 40 seasons are just homers and SBs 2b don’t count but I get what you are saying…. ok so you put it more on the players… does anyone question whether the facilities or Wrigley are subpar to other facilities? TO me (I played college ball) good facilities just made the player that much better because we could train harder and more efficient… more reps…. etc…. I kinda think since so many players come here and hit a lull is from the facilities… i could be wrong because I have never been in their facilities… i am just throwing it out on the table so don’t start bashing me on it…

I “give” him a 3 year deal at most, realizing it’s the NL and he has to field. 3 years, that’s the max window for sacrificing defense, 8? get real. Sign anybody to platoon with Fukodome is an admission of futility in signing Fukodome. So nobody was keeping tabs on Colvin? Shameful. I’m the GM, I NEVER sing Bradley especially when going after “the perceived need” of a LEFT handed bat, not a switch hitter with plenty of baggage. McGhee was worth keeping in the minor leagues as much as Hoffpaur etc. but to just let a young player go for nothing is not good managing. He did show some promise, enough for him to hang around. Oh yeah, NEVER sign Bradley. All the GM’s were lined up waiting to sign him to 3 YEARS.
GM’s sign players like Pujols in their prime for 8 years NOT Soriano after his prime. BAD, BAD, BAD.

Ok, “give” was the wrong term. What kind of a deal do you think such a 40-40-40 player would accept? Three years? Heck no. It took that many years to get him to sign, because after the season he came off of, he deserved it. Colvin earned his spot on the major league roster with an absurd spring training: a .468 average and .753 slugging. You don’t plan for that. I doubt he would have made the roster with even above average numbers, but he proved he was ready with this. Before spring training, nobody can tell what he’ll do, which is why Nady was signed. By the way, after 6 full seasons in the Cubs minor league system, McGehee had a career OPS of .741. Yeah, that’s a lot of potential. Bradley was a mistake; we all know that. However you still never even acknowledged that Hendry made up for it with Silva, Byrd, and $9M to completely reverse the effects of the signing on this season.

sosa, thanks for making my point. Hendry had to “make up” for the Bradley deal by getting Silva who was so bad for his previous team they ACCEPTED BRADLEY. No credit goes to Hendry for getting lucky with Silva, only for being able to trade his huge mistake Bradley at all, for that I give him credit but he didn’t activley seek out SILVA, he activley sought out ANYTHING. Then again in MAKING UP for previous failed attempts at productive outfielders he signs Byrd, I give him credit for finally getting one right. So at least we agree that Bryd was a good sign right? Of course one doesn’t plan on rookies to have absurd springs FORCING you to put him on the 25 man roster but wouldn’t one plan on a number one draft pick possibly being good enough for a 4th outfield spot or compete for a starting job instead of spending over 3 million for Nady? I mean Nady wasn’t even 100% healthy the first two months and he may still not be so Hendry thought Nady was SO good that even a sub-par Nady was a must have? Good luckto you with Hendry. Time to figure out if my “beloved” Colvin with his 3 run shot is getting closer to matching your “beloved Hendry’s” Nady in RBI’s and AB’s…..When all is said and done taking ALL THAT WE KNOW TO THIS POINT any reasonable fan would choose Colvin over Fukodome or Nady as the everyday rightfielder and possibly even over Soriano. Now If Hendry can unload both Soriano and Fukodome like he did Bradley for ANYBODY then I believe he would have “made up” enough to be considered genious. By the way, I know there was much interest from other teams for Fukodome including the Whitesox so Hendry wasn’t a COMPLETE boob (just a boob) for offering the four year deal but I have to ask what other team was in hot pursuit of Soriano waving an 8 year deal at him???

The Phillies and Giants were reportedly in “hot pursuit” of him. The comparable player and deal at the time was Carlos Beltran, who got 119M over 7 years, or 17M per year. The Phillies offered 15 per year, and the Cubs simply topped it by offering 17. Any way you look at it, Soriano is overpaid. Nobody is arguing that. But after the ’06 season, we desperately needed a spark in the lineup and that’s what we got. There’s also no question that when he’s hot, he carries the team. Last year when he was playing hurt his defense was terrible, but after getting rid of the “hop” he is far improved this year. He has been a productive bat and has a cannon for an arm. As long as we never see a repeat of ’09, I don’t have a problem with the signing. Yeah, he’s overpaid, but in a franchise with a 145 million dollar payroll, it really isn’t a big deal.

Big payroll, small payroll, Soriano at 8 years is a big mistake. The cherry on Hendry’s sundae. I think “at the time” Beltran was a bonafide centerfielder that had this novel skill of catching flyballs…no comparison…”at the time”.
Far improved from 09 after getting rid of his hop…you’re funny. I don’t have enough in the tank to win this pi**ing contest. So, like I said good luck with Hendry making up.

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