6/17 Lineup vs. A's

The Cubs have the same lineup as Wednesday night for Thursday’s series finale against the Athletics and lefty Dallas Braden. Here goes:

2B Theriot

3B Baker

CF Byrd

1B Lee

RF Nady

LF Soriano

C Soto

SS Castro

P Wells

— Carrie Muskat


i am sick of Lee being in there… he had 2 errors in an inning this week and i think should be sat… he is hitting a ******** 229ish… wow that’s horrible for a position that is supposed to be driving in runs…. he is past his prime …. sick and tired of him getting the benefit of the doubt… put Colvin, Nady, or someone else in there… i don’t care if he is a gold glover… we need a silver slugger there not a slivered up slugger….

Rant over…

I’m not so much sick of Lee at first as we really don’t have many options there and despite his two errors I consider him a great defensive first baseman, I’m sick of hearing how Colvin will ge more playing time and then seeing Nady in there. I’m sure it’s just to make Hendry look less foolish for wasting 3.3 million dollars. Lou’s scratching Hendry’s back enough to put the ancient Roman bath houses to shame. Lou and his righty/lefty platooning system is screwed up. What’s the difference if you go righty/lefty when the lefty (Colvin) is all around better??? Oh boy breaking news…Nady just hit a bases loaded sac fly!!! Woo Hoo, how’s that for an exiting way to blow 3.3 mil?
Hendry should be forced out of town and sent to single A ball…naaahhh, why ruin the kids’ future?

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