6/18 Leadoff man

One of the reasons Tyler Colvin is leading off is because left-handers have had success against Angels starter Scott Kazmir. Lefties are hitting .420 off Kazmir compared to .225 by right-handed hitters.

“I’ve been using Colvin to pinch-hit against left-handers anyway,” Lou Piniella said. “Get him out there and let him play.”

One of the other reasons is that Ryan Theriot is not exactly been a typical leadoff man. He’s seeing about three pitches per plate appearance and has a .312 on-base percentage.

“Let him see some pitches,” Piniella said of Theriot. “Sometimes it helps you relax a little bit, too.”

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, why are there not more lefties in then? Hill for Soto and Fontenot for Theriot… Soto also had two errors yesterday and Theriot looked lost at the plate.

Gee, anybody surprised that the two BLATANT issues with the Cubs are still causing problems? That being the lead-off spot and the back up at third base. Both of which SHOULD have been priorties LAST YEAR if not the beginning of this year but Hendry again fails to address the obvious needs of this team. Lou is scrambling for a lead-off man, a back up third baseman and two corner outfiled spots all courtesy of Hendry’s bad general managing teqhnique.

Tracy is more than adequate 3rd base back up.

Superb defense kept Lilly in line for a no-hitter, yet Lou starts the feeble Baker!

Hendry and LOu must go now.

hustlelikereed, agreed. Even though Hendry has limited Pinella’s options when he does have a viable option such as Tracy he goes with baker. I’m not a big Tracy fan but the point is similar to Colvin not starting EVERY game…use the BEST options available. Pinella doesn’t and it leads one to believe he’s covering (if not scratching) Hendry’s back and they are working in concert to keep their jobs. We can only hope the Ricketts are biding their time, waiting for the right opportunity to axe both Pinella and Hendry. The time is before the trading deadline don’t you think?

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