6/18 More on the leadoff man

The Cubs had a new leadoff man Friday as Lou Piniella inserted rookie Tyler Colvin into the top spot in the order against Angels lefty Scott Kazmir. Colvin replaces Ryan Theriot, who has led off against lefties this year. But Theriot is averaging 3.56 pitches per plate appearance, has a .312 on-base percentage, and is batting .247 against left-handers. Colvin’s PPA isn’t much better — 3.71 — and he’s hitting .250 against lefties but so far this season. southpaw hitters are batting .420 off Kazmir.

“Left-handers have hit Kazmir here early in the year,” Lou Piniella said. “I’ve been using Colvin to pinch-hit against left-handers anyway. Get him out there and let him play.”

The only other option for the leadoff man, Piniella said, is rookie shortstop Starlin Castro but he’s batting .196 in June after hitting .310 in May.

“The amazing thing about Castro is when you look at his batting average, there’s a 100-point difference when he hits in the bottom of the lineup as opposed to the top,” said Piniella of Castro, who is batting .238 in the No. 2 spot and .308 in the eighth spot. “Could I hit him second? Yes. [Jeff] Baker’s been swinging really good against lefties and we get his bat at the top of the lineup. If we had to hit castro up there, we could.”

Being at the bottom of the order may help Theriot, too.

“Let him see some pitches,” Piniella said. “Sometimes it helps you relax a little bit, too.”

— Carrie Muskat


Seems as though Colvin did well today. DLee seems to be getting his bat going, but what is up with the errors lately? And why is John Grabow still on this team with an ERA of 9???? All he does is give up runs and it blows my mind that he still has a spot on this team. James Russell has given up 10 fewer earned runs in the same amount of innings as Grabow, but somehow James Russell is the one that gets sent down. What are Hendry and Piniella thinking when they make moves like that? I just wish the Cubs would release Grabow and move on instead of keeping him around to lose more games.

Completely agree with you.

We will win nothing with Grabow… release him and bring up a yougster. Oh and put Homerun Howry in the same Taxi.

Any competent owner would release their GM after seeing how these signings panned out!

At least the toilets have improved.

Was the Toyota sign a symbol reflecting the 2010 Cubs? Expensive, defective and needing to be recalled?

HA! Homerun Howry…..I like it. I almost said something about Howry too, but I figured I’d at least give him a chance or two. Though he was terrible with the Cubs before, I’d rather Lou bring him in than Grabow at this point. And of course as I type this, I watch Chad Tracy strike out looking for the 2nd time in 2 at bats. I wish Aramis would figure out what his issue is and get back in the lineup. I cant stand having Tracy and Baker play 3rd.

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