6/19 Lilly struggles in loss

This wasn’t one of Ted Lilly’s better games. The lefty had given up four runs in his last four starts, but was charged with four in the first inning on Saturday in a 12-0 loss to the Angels. 

“Ted got off to a bad start in the first inning and then he settled down but it wasn’t one of his better days,” Lou Piniella said. “Last time out, he pitched into the ninth inning. Today, his stuff wasn’t as crisp. From the first inning, especially, he was getting the ball up. When he’s really on his game, he’s keeping the ball down in the zone and he elevates it once in a while but he doesn’t pitch up consistently, and he was up today.”

He gave up eight runs (six earned) on nine hits and three walks over 5 1/3 innings while striking out seven. It’s the most runs he’s served up since giving up nine to Philadelphia on July 20, 2009. In his previous 10 starts, Lilly had given up one run in the first inning. On Saturday, he gave up four.

Lilly said he had trouble locating his fastball.

“I don’t think I threw very many good ones,” he said of his pitches. “Even before I threw bad ones, I wouldn’t make some good ones. When you lead into a poorly located pitch with poorly located pitches before that even, you’re less likely to get away with those mistakes.”

It’s going to be hard to wait for his next start to redeem himself.

Five days is going to be a long time, you know,” Lilly said.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie are there any rumblings on the inside about the tenure of Hendry and Piniella or does Hendry control all media channels a la Mugabe?

Hey Carrie,

Can I set you up for a 10 minute interview over online, it will be like 10 minutes? It’s for an all Chicago website.

You can answer here or email me at chriswicker17@gmail.com.

Thanks Chris.

Hey Carrie, while you’re in the mood to set up 10 minute interviews see if you can arrange a 10 minute interview with the Ricketts for myself or hustlelikereed for the impending GM vacancy. It will only take 10 minutes to convince them that either one of us can spend (their money) like a drunken, horny sailer on shore leave in a brothel just like Hendry does but we’ll do it for a much smaller salary! And if they happen to want BETTER general managing like NOT wasting 130+ million on one player for 8 years and get only 2 somewhat productive years out of him all the while watching him avoid the wall, take bad routes, hop like a rabbit, swing at air and go from first to 3rd only occassionally…well we can do that too. Whatever they want really, we’ll walk around with a post-it note stuck to our forehead reminding us that we are IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE AND DO NOT HAVE A DH POSITION!!!

Joey, I know you’re not happy with the GM (anyone who reads this blog knows that) but let’s come up with solutions. Getting rid of Hendry won’t improve Ryan Theriot’s on-base percentage. You can’t hit five-run homers every at-bat, so work on hitting the ball in the gap, moving runners over, driving them in. Catch the ball. Basic baseball. That’s my 30 seconds.

Even a 30 second interview would get the point accross to the Ricketts… Better GM = better players that CAN play better baseball. BTW, Theriot underperforming as he is, should be the least of the Cubs’ problems. I’m not after improving Theriot’s OBP, I’m after improving the entire team and it starts with the owners replaciing Hendry. If the players should be accountable for doing THEIR job and expected to improve the same should go for the GM. Accountablilty is lacking more than on the field of play.

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