6/20 Santo to skip Seattle trip

WGN Radio analyst Ron Santo will miss the Cubs’ upcoming Interleague series against the Seattle Mariners and skip the trip back to his hometown. Santo was looking forward to the series because it would give him a chance to see family and friends in Seattle.

“I have to start thinking about the travel,” Santo said Sunday. “This time, it has to do with my leg.”

A diabetic, Santo has had both legs amputated below the knee because of complications with the disease. There is a bone in his left leg that is rubbing a nerve and he feels it when he walks.

“When I walk from the press box to the elevator [at Wrigley Field], lately, it’s been bothering me,” he said. “I use 55 percent of my energy with these legs. When it’s hot, it’s tough.”

His sister still lives in Seattle but he will miss the three-game series and rejoin the Cubs Friday when they face the White Sox in the final Interleague series.

“Both [WGN] Radio and the Cubs want me around — and I want to be around,” Santo said. “It’s therapy for me. When I’m up there [in the broadcast booth] I don’t think about anything except moaning and groaning.”

Santo, who turned 70 in February, doesn’t hide his emotions during the broadcasts. There’s been a lot of moaning and groaning this season watching the Cubs.

He also said he’s considering missing a few more of the Cubs’ upcoming trips. The longer flights make it difficult for Santo to stay on his medicine and workout routine. Next year, Santo said he may only travel to the games in the Midwest.

— Carrie Muskat

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