6/21 Minor matters

Tennessee pitcher Hung-Wen Chen was named Southern League’s Pitcher of the Week for the week ending June 20. On Sunday, Chen threw six scoreless innings in a 3-1 win over Mobile. He struck out five and scattered five hits. Tony Thomas hit a solo homer. He also threw six scoreless innings in his previous start, and now is 8-5 with a 2.27 ERA for the season.

On Monday, pinch-hitter Michael Restovich hit a grand slam with two outs in the bottom of the eighth to lead Albuquerque to a 16-12 win over Iowa. Restovich connected off Brian Schlitter. Brad Snyder homered for the Iowa Cubs. Mitch Atkins had his worst outing of the season, giving up nine runs (eight earned) in four innings.

On Sunday, Casey Coleman gave up one run on four hits over five innings in Iowa’s 4-0 loss to Albuquerque. Chris Robinson had two hits.

Daytona had Sunday off and open a three-game series Monday at Lakeland.

Rob Whitenack gave up one run on two hits over five innings in Peoria’s 12-2 win over Quad Cities. Jae-Hoon Ha had three hits and two RBIs, Logan Watkins, Matt Cerda and Charles Thomas each had two hits. Cerda had three RBIs.

Brandon May had three hits, including a home run, and four RBIs in Boise’s 7-6, 11-inning win over Yakima.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, random curriosity…how long has Restovich been in the system? Same for Snyder and in your opinion is Snyder worthy of a September call up? I can’t help but think Restovich spent limited time on the Cubs one year?

That’s a smart answer to a diiffclut question.

Joey, Restovich is not with the I-Cubs. He hit that homer for the Dodgers’ Triple-A team, the Isotopes. Yes, he was in the Cubs system in 2006. As for September call-ups, it’s a little early. Let’s get to the All-Star break first

Thanks, I thought he was Cub property at one time.
Allright, after the All Star break I’d like to hear your picks for the Sept. call ups.

Hey Carrie, my last two comments did not bash Hendry…
The cost of therapy is paying off!!! 🙂

Can you get a group rate for the therapy sessions?

What’s THIS??? You mean there is someone else having issues with Hendry???🙂

You’d be surprised how many… and the groundwell is growing.

I remember a few years ago when I said after 30games that Dusty needed to go and was told that isn’t the way we do things in the USA.

On this visit the clamour to remove Hendry, Piniella and Kenney was more of a crescendo.

Hendry due to his ability to waste the second highest payroll in baseball on rank indifference and no-trade clauses which will leave the team hamstrung well after he has been fired; Piniella because he has lost the ability to motivate his players (if he ever had it given his hardly awe-inspiring .521 win percentage as coach), and given the evidence of the debacle of last Saturday where he packed the lineup with lefthanders obviously struggles to check pitching scouting reports; and Kenney – well what has he brought us? Clean / New toilets? Who gives a fig – spend on a bullpen and a genuine staff pitching ace and we won’t care where we ablute!

Totally agree. Hendry and is craving for the “big names” whether they are managers (Baker/Pinella) or players (Soriano/Bradley, big name free agents of the year, gotta have THEM!, even Fukodome, the big name free agent import from Japan, GOTTA have HIM!) just isn’t working. I’m afraid the respectable Hendry of old who acquired the not so “big” names of Ramirez and Lee VIA TRADES has been blinded by the all the bright lights of stardom himself and is no longer a viable, productive GM. Time to try the smaller names (so far so good with Castro, Colvin but we need a few more maybe via trade if not the minor league system) to build a team that can sneak up on the opposition like the Marlins have done a few times. No more “must have” managers. Let’s go with some in-house talent like Sandberg (Thanks Dallas!) even though he may be considered a “big name” to us Cubs fans he is not the “must have/free agent” managers that Baker, Pinella and now possibly Girardi are.

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