6/22 Thanks, Tyler

Kudos to Tyler Colvin for spending some time with some Little Leaguers. The coach of the Clarendon Hills (IL) Little League team had planned a field trip to a memorabilia shop in Naperville, IL, on June 14 for an autograph signing Colvin was doing. But because of a scheduling quirk, the Little League team had to play that night which meant no field trip and some very disappointed second-graders.

Colvin was contacted, and agreed to meet with the kids at an ice cream parlor. The Cubs rookie outfielder was only supposed to spend 5-10 minutes, but stayed for about 45 minutes with the 30-35 kids. And the kids chanted “Hail Tyler” and bowed as they do at Wrigley. The parents of the children involved were all so impressed by how classy and down-to-earth Colvin was that they made a $500 donation to PAWS Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter, in his name. Colvin loves dogs.

“I already thought highly of him based on the few occasions that my boys and I have met him down in Mesa the past couple of years,” said Jeffrey S., one of the parents, “but the kindness and generosity that he showed last Monday has made him a runaway favorite in our home (and, for that matter, in our town).  In a day when true role models – the players who are as exemplary off the field as they are talented on it – seem to be increasingly hard to find in professional sports, it looks to us like the Cubs have a real gem in Tyler.”

— Carrie Muskat


Tyler Colvin = sweetheart

That is truly a cool story. I’m glad the Cubs have stand up guys like that on the team.

And kudos to you Carrie for bringing to light a nice story about a ball player’s human nature. There must be many more similar stories out there that don’t get the press they deserve.

All hail Tyler (and thanks for the good news Carrie).

This is just the man we need to build the team around for the next decade – humble and in touch with his roots.

I meant to post last week regards the post about his grandfather… and the homerun ball.

Although I am an advocate of playing Colvin everyday in place of either Soriano or Fukodome, I might have to wait until AFTER he has his chance at a starting job to see if he deserves that kind of praise…so LET’S FIND OUT! How could anybody say we have something to lose by sitting Soriano or Fukodome at THIS point of THIS season???? I don’t even think playing time for Soriano or Fukodome would even build trade value, might as well hide them on the bench.

This just shows what a class act we have in Colvin. The article last week about his grandfather was awesome. Tyler, i certainly hope you are successful in the majors. We are proud to have you on the Cubs.

Joey – have to disagree, praise where it is due.

He is batting 300+ in a rookie year when he is being
messed round by Lou. He has done well both starting and pinch hitting and will only improve the more he gets to the plate. Yes he is not Jason Heyward, but few are.

This guy seems grounded, and with soaring ticket prices and little return, we need a face of the team that is neither temperamental, DP Lee nor selfish.

Kids need a hero (as does this 40year old male – me) – and but for Marlon, i’d be in the funny farm the way the majority of the roster is performing.

hustle, I get what you’re saying and am all for playing Colvin as a starter which appears Lou is FINALLY resigned to doing. It’s a shame that it takes so long for somebody of Colvin’s ability and promise to get a starting job because of the two headed monster that is Pinella/Hendry as they cling to the bitter end with who THEY erroneously thought were great, productive veteran players (Soriano and Fukodome). The faster they realize THIER miscalculations the sooner home grown talent like Colvin get to perform regularly. Funny, they did it with Castro but Castro only displaced “the lowly Theriot” NOT a sought after “team saving, World Series” producing veteran free agent like Soriano or Fukodome. The Pinella/Hendry tandem simply is not producing the ultimate goal of a World Series appearance. Both have had a long enough opportunity but NOW (Fire them both during the Sox series!!!!) their time has come to be put to pasture, especially Hendry. The pasture, you know, where all the manure is….

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