6/25 Hendry: We need to be consistent

GM Jim Hendry, who spent this past week watching the Triple-A Iowa team, said he’s not going to label the Cubs as buyers or sellers heading into the July 31 trading deadline.

“That doesn’t apply to us,” Hendry said Friday. “We’ll analyze where we’re going now this year and keep in mind what we’re going to try to do in the future. We certainly have enough of a core group of young people in the system that they’ll be here next year and another wave will be coming from Double-A and Triple-A soon.

“If we find ourselves out of the race — which we’re still not thinking that’s a done deal — if we do some things in July, we’d always have an eye to the future.”

The one thing lacking? Consistency.

“We’re all just waiting for our club to try to play in consistent fashion,” Hendry said. “A few weeks ago, everybody was ready to write both teams off. It’s a credit to the White Sox for doing a job of getting back in the thick of it and on a huge roll.

“I don’t focus on dates or deadlines or buyers and sellers. We need to focus on us putting a run of our own together now and play better baseball.”

— Carrie Muskat


yeah, Soriano one time in the line up is one time too many.

why dont he trade away fukodome, send castro back to triple A he is too young and needs to work on somethings, bring another starting pitcher for example, Cliff Lee…Move Soriano back to hit leadoff, theriot ss, M.Byrd cf, A.ramirez 3b D.lee 1b,Soriano lf, Colvin rf Soto c……..Dempster Zambrano Cliff Lee or someone like that…..Silva and ted lilly

sorry i put soriano 2 times in the lineup i meant colvin soto and fontenot and baker

ive changed my mind please trade away ZAMBRANO AND FUKODOMEE

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