6/25 Lineup, Ramirez & Castro

Aramis Ramirez was activated from the disabled list and in the lineup Friday for Game 1 of the Cubs’ rematch against the White Sox. Chad Tracy was designated for assignment to make room for Ramirez. Starlin Castro was given Friday off; it’s only the second game he has not started since he was called up May 7. Here’s the lineup vs Jake Peavy:

RF Fukudome

LF Colvin

CF Byrd

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

DH Soriano

SS Fontenot

C Soto

2B Theriot

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

Soriano a DH!!!! a DH???? Holy Cow!!!! Another blow to the Hendry legacy. A free swinging, defensive liability ball player DH’ng…my God, who would have ever thunk THAT? Now that we finally have a position he can play 12 times a year, LET’S SIGN HIM FOR FOUR MORE YEARS!!! Wait a minute, Hendry is one step ahead of us lowly arm chair GMs once again as he has already signed him. Geenyus, sheer geenyus. It’s Kenny Williams’ 104 million payroll vs. Hendry’s 140 million payroll. Go figure.

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