6/26 Dinner with Carlos

Carlos Zambrano had dinner Friday night with White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, who said the Cubs pitcher regretted his actions. However, the Cubs weren’t happy to hear that Big Z was out on the town.

“I’m disappointed in that from Carlos’ perspective,” assistant GM Randy Bush said. “Nothing against Ozzie. I would’ve thought with the events of yesterday that Carlos would’ve gone home, spent some time reflecting on what happened, thought about his career and his teammates and where he was at. I’m disappointed to hear he was out yukking it up at dinner.”

It didn’t appear that Zambrano was taking the incident very seriously. Guillen tweeted: “Having dinner whit carlos and his family. Great dinner a lot of fun and talk”

This isn’t Zambrano’s first run-in, and he’s always come back and apologized. This is his first suspension issued by the team.

“I don’t know if he’s taking it seriously or not,” Bush said. “I thought he would’ve gone home and thought about the events of the day and where his career was at and what his standing was with his teammates and the organization.”

Said Lou Piniella: “I would’ve hoped he would stayed private and reflected on this. That’s just my thought.”

— Carrie Muskat


Why should Zambrano crawl into a hole? He had plans before the game to go out to dinner with Ozzie for a charity event. Bush and Piniella should be more worried about why their team walks around with their shoulders slumped over with no spark or swagger during the game, then what Big Z does on his own time.

Maybe Piniella should take his own advise and stay private and reflect on this. What Big Z did was wrong–he should have waited until they were behind close doors, but think beyond that. What made him snap? The pressure of pitching for a team that doesn’t score any runs?

I completely agree with the previous post. By the way, didn’t the Cubs hire a sports psychologist at the beginning of the season to prevent these sorts of things? I mean, the batters haven’t been putting up runs all season and the defense has been dogging it so I’m sure many people saw this coming. Yeah, that person probably needs to go too… just more wasted payroll on this team.

Sorry, I meant psychiatrist.

Why should Carlos be expected to back out on his plans to “reflect” on this incident? I don’t remember Lou Piniella hibernating at home in the past when he got kicked out of games for getting in the face of umpires. I think he’s a hypocrite who is trying to deflect attention from the fact that he has totally lost control of his team.

Pinella needs to show attitude as well as the rest of the team in front of the fans to show they care not just about their payroll but that they want to win. Not behind closed doors.

I don’t know about everybody else, but after I have a bad day at work, I tend to call up a friend and either talk on the phone or go out. Talking to someone about your issues is a great way to get another perspective and/or calm down. I know everyone is different, but if I just sit by myself and reflect I just get more worked up. Maybe that works for Piniella, but not for everyone. If Big Z needs to talk to a friend that isn’t involved in the issue, I don’t see the problem.

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