6/26 Good pitch, bad result

Paul Konerko’s leadoff homer in the eighth was the difference Saturday night as the White Sox won, 3-2, and took the intracity Interleague series. Konerko connected on a 1-2 pitch from rookie Andrew Cashner. The right-hander said Konerko was late on the 1-1 fastball, so he tried to sneak another one past him.

“The pitch before I was caught in between,” Konerko said. “He had thrown me a couple sliders and I didn’t  get off right on that pitch as far as getting ready so after he had thrown one by me, I threw all my chips in the middle and said, ‘He’ll probably come at it again and if he throws something else, go back to the dugout and let it fly. See it and let it fly.’ He doesn’t give you much time to react. He throws pretty hard.”

Cashner was pretty mad at himself.

“That’s the best stuff I’ve had all year,” he said. “That’s the best breaking ball, best changeup I’ve had, best fastball I’ve had.

“I threw him a fastball up,” Cashner said. “I left it up. He’s a good hitter. I left the ball up and he put a good swing on it.”

“This kid’s got a great arm,” White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said of the rookie. “The ball Konerko hit was 99 [mph]. I like the way he throws the ball.”

— Carrie Muskat

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