6/26 Lineups (although you know by now)

Saturday’s game has started, but here’s Cubs lineup vs. Freddy Garcia:

RF Fukudome

CF Byrd

DH Lee

1B Nady

3B Ramirez

LF Soriano

SS Castro

C Soto

2B Theriot

— Carrie Muskat


Time to say good bye to the following
Zambrano-will nevr grow up
Lou –tired of the game
Lee and RAmirez –both no hustle
Fukedome –non performer in second half every year
Trade them –get what we can
Theriot –trying to adjuts to be crapped on
Fontenot should be playing everday as should Colvin
Shake up line up and put Soriano back up near top with Byrd

I’m just happy to see a little of Z’s rant seemed to be agreed upon with the use of Nady at first instead of Lee. Nice to see a player get benched for playing like crap for once.

go white sox nation! cubs suck! and will always suck! they dont want to win! they make more money when those sorry punks lose! and they do that very well!

hey we could always make room for more sox fans! go white sox nation!

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