6/26 Silva: "We stick together"

Carlos Silva said he got a different feel from the Cubs on Saturday.

“I felt like today this game was important, especially after what happened [Friday],” Silva said. “We wanted something good to happen and forget about everything.”

What happened Friday was Carlos Zambrano threw a fit in the dugout, upset after what he felt was poor defense. Silva and Zambrano are close, but Silva didn’t try to make excuses for his friend.

“As a pitcher, we make a lot of mistakes,” Silva said. “When we’re on the mound, we become a different person and sometimes we say stuff that we don’t want to say but he said it.

“Carlos is a very good friend of mine but this is my team, too,” Silva said. “If I’m going to have good success, a good year, I need my team. I need to give support to my team. That’s what I’m doing now. We’re a team and we stick together.”

Zambrano’s tirade was directed at everyone but first baseman Derrek Lee was the one who stepped up and defended his teammates and got into a shouting match with the pitcher.

“Derrek Lee is such a good guy — I respect that guy so much,” Silva said. “I don’t know what Carlos was trying to do yesterday, but I think it was the wrong time, the wrong guy and the wrong place, too. I don’t know what happened to him in the past but what happened yesterday was very hard for everybody.”

— Carrie Muskat


Can a trade be in the works for the North Side to the South Side? I don’t know.

On a totally unrelated topic, why did Carrie vote for only Andre Dawson and Roberto Alomar? Why did she omit Bert Blyleven?

Cub players need to be more vocal and start getting ********** in front of fans to show us that they care not just about their money this year but about the team and want to win.

What Zambrano did might have been a little childish to some but to me showed he’s tired of the crappy season and finally someone is speaking up and the players instead of whimpering about what Zambrano did should respect this as a little wake up call and start playing like a team that wants to win.

Show the fans that cubs players care and get some balls show some attitude. Thanks Zambrano for showing some balls.

CUBS: “We stick together”… WTF??
Does he mean that they stick together so they can continue to LOSE together?

I just remembered about an interview Mark Grace did sometime in the not too distant past. I can’t remember who the interview was for, but he talked about his career as a Cub. One of the things he mentioned was how much of a toll losing took on him mentally and what he needed to do to get through each game after a certain point. Of course, eventually he went on to the D-Backs and finally got his ring. The point is that though Carlos has been with the major league team since 2002, and when the Cubs have a losing year, it’s never pretty. Maybe he’s hit the point of no return and just needs a change in scenery. He’s not a bullpen pitcher so I don’t see the Cubs keeping him there for long especially if they won’t bring him back to the rotation.

I believe I can read between the lines here. Silva is a starting pitcher just like Zambrano and he is frustrated that he should have at least 10 if not 11 wins but he doesn’t because of bonehead play behind him. He didn’t win those games because the other team beat him, he didn’t win because his own team beat him. I think Silva is playing a good politician, and saying what he needs to say, but his body language at the end of the 7th inning against the White Sox at Wrigley last week tells me he feels the same way Big Z does. Plus, he looked a little ticked at Nady yesterday when he didn’t throw the ball to 2nd or home. I don’t think he would have had a play at either place, but Silva didn’t seem to like the lack of effort.

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