6/26 Zambrano to 'pen on his return

When Carlos Zambrano returns to the Cubs, he will be assigned to the bullpen, not the rotation, Lou Piniella said Saturday. Tom Gorzelanny will take Zambrano’s place in the rotation. Is this a short or long term decision?

“It’s not short term, that’s for sure,” Piniella said.

Zambrano was suspended indefinitely after throwing a tantrum in the dugout on Friday, accusing his teammates of not playing well behind him. The Cubs sent a letter to Major League Baseball Friday night, asking for guidelines in the matter. They must play a man short because a suspended player cannot be replaced on the 25-man roster.

Will Zambrano come back?

“I would think at some point, yes,” Piniella said. “There’s some work that needs to be done.”

— Carrie Muskat


This is absolutely ridiculous. Zambrano should not have been suspended, nonetheless moved to the bullpen over this. Zambrano was ranting going into the dugout to no one in particular, and if not for Lee saying something to him, it wouldn’t have turned into the argument it did.

Not to mention, I’m happy to finally see one freaking player on this team look like they care. Throughout this season they’ve been playing terribly, and I can’t see any instances where it appears they’ve actually been upset by it. They all look like they’ve given up and don’t care about loss after loss. It was nice to see Z going off about the teams poor performance. Not to mention I think he was probably just as, if not more upset, by his own performance as anyone elses.

If it’s possible to get a message relayed to Big Z, I’d like to have him know that as a die hard Cubs fan, I want to thank him for showing that he actually cares about the team, and cares about winning. No one else on this team has shown any indication that they’re frustrated with the way the season has been going, and brush off lack of effort by anyone as nothing. So to Big Z, thank you for proving to me that someone on the team cares whatsoever about the fact that the team is doing so badly, and I’m sorry you got suspended for being frustrated. I still can’t believe they’ve reacted this way to the situation, and I hope some of your teammates start caring like you do, because the fire you had yesterday was the most refreshing thing I’ve seen since the beginning of this season.

I am hoping Z’s outburst has brought some fire back into the team. I know Byrd, Dempster, Silva, Marshall and a few others have been playing with fire all season, but that can not be said for many people on the team. I have been a fan for 32 years, and I have seen the Cubs play great and not so great. However, seeing them play with such a lack of passion was really getting hard. Many times the camera shows Piniella in the dugout and it looks like he is sleeping or meditating. He is almost always sitting in the background. ———

I know it seems everyone is mad at Z, but I am not. I have been yelling at the T.V. just like Z yelled in the dugout on Friday. The only thing is I’ve been yelling like that for months. The team can say it was the 15 minute meeting that brought some life back into the team, but I really believe it was Z. Even they have to admit is was Z, because without his outburst there would not have been a meeting. I hope they don’t punish Z too harshly for expressing his frustrations. I don’t think they were just frustrations over the 1st inning of that game, but frustrations over the entire 1st half of this season. At the beginning the bullpen was the weak link so he took one for the team and went to the bullpen–don’t forget that. Also don’t punish him by ‘putting him in the bullpen.’ That is an insult to the bullpen pitchers like Marshall. He is one of the best pitchers on the team and he is in the bullpen. He could be a starter, but we NEED his left arm in the pen. Let Z play where he can do the most good for the team, bullpen or starter doesn’t matter as long as it will help the team. ———-

And if anyone doesn’t get a little angry and frustrated at the 1st half of the season and lack of passion then I don’t see how they can call themselves a die hard Cubs fan.

You dont know what was said during his tantrum. Plus, its not like any of the infielders could have stopped that massive homerun that he gave up.

Not to mention the 7+ ERA he’s got going on. The dude is not in shape. He’s very rarely throwing over 90mph and thats what he is, a hard thrower. He’s no Maddux. I think this move is an attempt to get him to request a trade (the only way around the no trade clause).

Whats frustrating is the amount of good players we have, and nothing to show for it. Thank God for Marlon Byrd. I’m a die hard Cubs fan, but if they get rid of him – i truly believe they have no desire to win a world series in the near future.

I suppose putting on a “good show” for the public that might be, may be, juuuuuuuuust starting to think about what a bad job Hendry has done/is doing is why Hendry acted with such swift resolve with a suspension. He wants to make sure all us fans know he’s on top of things and will not accept such an unacceptable employee while all along he himself is being accepted by the Ricketts. One has to wonder if instead of “punishing” a mis-behaving child like Zambrano by suspending him a better ALTERNATIVE for the TEAM’S chances of winning a ball game or two would have been to just let the players and or manager handle it their own way and possible relagate Zambrano to pinch hitting duties while they figure out what’s wrong with him, Ramirez, Lee, Nady, Baker, Theriot…oh crap, the point is there is way more than just big Z to figure out but he is the convenient, distracting story of the day. If only the media and fans would relentlessly question Hendry’s postion with the team instead of “what to do with Zambrano”.

Yeah Carlos Zambrano may have at one time been a good pitcher. But since hes signed his contract, he has not done anything really for the cubs except his no hitter. I mean he is supposed to be the ace of this team and he is pitching like a disgrace. Carlos Silva who was horrible last year has come to a new team and in my opinion is the ace of the Chicago Cubs. If you ask me I think we can trade Zambrano to the american leauge and get somebody better. I just think that he is faltering now. And I heard this morning on ESPN that he may be traded after the season is over. I would rather trade him this year before the deadline. I mean he is now on the restricted list. So he has no one to blame but himself. And for me I am a Cubs fan. And I hope the best for whatever that may be for Carlos Zambrano.

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