6/27 Colvin has 1st four-RBI game

Sunday was rookie Tyler Colvin’s first career four RBIs game. He had three hits, including a three-run homer and a RBI single.

“He hangs in there well,” Lou Piniella said of the outfielder. “Once Colvin gets a good recognition of the strike zone, the ball jumps off his bat very well and he hangs in there against left-hand pitching very well.

“Does it surprise me? No,” Piniella said. “He’s got good bat speed, the ball jumps off his bat. He’s a confident kid. He believes he can get it done and that’s a big ingredient for young kids.”

Big hits have been tough to come by. Colvin was the last Cubs player to hit a three-run homer, doing so June 18 against the Angels. Before that, you have to go back to May 7 when Castro hit a three-run blast in his first at-bat and Mike Fontenot hit a grand slam in the eighth.

“I’ve tried to stay the same the whole time and not change anything,” said Colvin, who only had two hits in his last 17 at-bats coming into Sunday’s game.

The rookie now is batting .308 with 26 RBIs in his last 48 games. He has noticed a change in pitchers’ approach as they try to determine what he’ll chase.

“I haven’t been missing many pitches against [left-handers],” he said. “I don’t know why.”

“The better he does, the more he’ll play,” Piniella said. “We need offense and whoever is swinging the bat, gets in the lineup.”

— Carrie Muskat



MONDAY JUNE 28, 2010
A look at the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates from stem to stern!
By DA Frizzi

Chicago Rookie Santo 3-7, 5 RBI’s in First Two MLB Games
Games played Sunday, June 26, 1960 at Forbes Field, Pittsburgh

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borntolose, did you forget to add Hendry to your list of dead weight? Or do you think he can actually right his own listing ship? Just curious as I think Hendry should be the FIRST to be jettisoned. Which I’m sure comes as a surprise to EVERYBODY WHO READS THIS BLOG🙂

it’s time to clean house and get rid of the dead weight that we call majorleague players.
start with lou, and go to soriano, ramirez, lee, then to zambrano, wells, samardzija to start with. lou doesnt have the drive in him anymore, soriano and the other two are at best triple A, if they can turn there strike outs into hits we wouldnt be 10 games under.
and as far as the pitching, zambrano hasnt pitched good in 2 years, he’s washed up, and wells, we spent to much time with hoping he was going to learn to pitch, he mite want to try wal-mart.
and as far as lou saying he wishes he can sprinkle some magic dust over the team, he should of said you hit you play, you dont hit stay home.
i live 50 miles from pittsburgh and i got to tell you that the cubs are no better, and no closer than the pirates are of having a winning team.

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