6/27 Hendry on Z's contract

What happens next regarding Carlos Zambrano isn’t clear. What is certain is the Cubs still owe the right-hander about $45 million from the five-year, $91.5 million deal they gave him prior to the 2008 season. Zambrano did go 14-6 in 2008. But he won nine games last season and was 3-6 with a 5.66 ERA this season.

“There was nothing wrong with the investment,” GM Jim Hendry said Sunday about the contract. “This guy was an outstanding pitcher in the National League, in the game, for the four, five years before that. There was no question that the deal was a solid one in the industry. He certainly would have been one of the hotter tickets on the street if that thing went to the end of the season.

“This guy pitched a lot of innings, won a lot of games, lived in the shadow of [Kerry Wood] and [Mark] Prior for a couple of years. Really, over the body of work, pitched as well as anybody in the National League for a three, four year period. He certainly pitched well enough to earn that contract whether it’s here or somewhere else.”

Hendry would not comment as to whether the Cubs are trying to deal Zambrano following his outburst Friday.

— Carrie Muskat


Jim Hendry must be completely out of his mind if he thinks that the contract he gave Zambrano “a solid one.” I seriously hope that this man is no longer part of the Cubs organization in the very near future.

The Cubs Owners need to follow the Yankee’s ways on ownership and voice their concerns to the team and the fans. Steinbrenner’s would tell the team and the fans that they suck and you better damn well fix it or sit the bench. Changes are needed and to me the Cubs need players not with swagger but with frikin’ attitudes who get ticked off like Zambrano at suckey defense and horrible hitting!
Million dollar players with no heart, that’s what the Cubs are all about.

I don’t think Hendry Has yet to acknowledge or apologize for any of his miserable, blatant, ludicrous deals…why would he start now? He is firmly postioned to defend and save his job? Me first, team second, that’ll get us a World Series appearance. Hendry for the most part has always paid players (exception being Ramirez and Lee) for PAST performances as if the Cubs cheated them and he must make amends. Although Zambrano HAD some (JUST SOME) excellent stats he also had some BIG ISSUES which to a more qualified GM would have been red flags concerning a long term mult-million dollar contract. But not to Hendry, just as he did with Bradley and Fukodome he’ll be damned before he lets a player of Zambrano’s “name recognition” (more so than talent) sign with another team. He paid Bradley for his PAST year with Texas, he paid Fukodome for his PAST CAREER in ANOTHER COUNTRY and he paid Zambrano for JUST A COUPLE OF PAST GOOD YEARS??? Zambrano never once stepped up in big game situations but none of that matters to Hendry, just star quality. If he remains the Cubs GM what are the chances Pujols finishes his career with the Cubs because of what he did with the Cardinals? Exageration? Maybe so, but Hendry as GM is just too scary for a team that needs an injection of COMPETANCE.

(to joeydafish)

your one of those “fans” who looks back and then judges, every deal he’s made has been the right move “at the time” and they werent overpayed, its called they are free agents, you have to overpay if you want him more than another team. and for every deal that hasnt worked out hendry’s name gets nailed to the gotta go list. he’s trying to fix a team that always has some injury or cold hitter in a hot position, theres a lack of leadership on the team, no one is stepping up cuz every player is worried if thier gunna be playing next year, and until we get a group of “team” players, not individual talents, it will always be me before the team. the mentality on this team is what can i do to improve my numbers, for the last five or six years numbers havent been a problem, and for one of the biggest payrolls its obvious there needs to be more of a team mentality, marlon byrd is a perfect example. he goes all out and is prob. going to be one of the biggest snubs from the all-star game, yet he’s not complaining because its a team mentality he brings to the team. and speaking of marlon byrd, i dont hear you complaining about hendry bringing him here, seems like a rather decent steal to me.

(to sgt.crawford@hotmail.com)
Well you “figured” me out! How intuitive of you to read all my comments and determine I don’t complain about Hendry bringing Byrd in here. My gosh, next you might figure out in all your wisdom that I actually commended the signing of Byrd AS WELL AS RAMIREZ AND LEE. Doh! I’m glad there are some true geniouses out there that can decipher my cryptic comments. But you KNOW me so well we must go way back. You say “they” weren’t overpaid and in the same sentance you then say you HAVE TO OVERPAY if you want them more than another team. GENIOUS. Thanks for making my point better than I could have done myself that Hendry did indeed not only overpay (Soriano, Zambrano and Fukodome) but he wanted them more than other teams making him even a worse EMPLOYEE in charge of millions of dollars of his employer’s money. You’re one of THOSE “fans” that make one US “fans” look good by stating the obvious without even realizing it. Thanks again for making us “Hendry must go fans” look good. One can be a fan of their team but that does not mean one MUST accept and or be a fan of any one given employee/player of their team. Happy INDEPENDANCE (to comment) DAY!!!

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