6/27 Ramirez: "You have to move on"

Forget about the Carlos Zambrano incident. The Cubs players are trying to.

“It’s not because of the Zambrano incident that we won today,” Aramis Ramirez said after an 8-6 win over the White Sox. “We’re not going to get hot because of it. No team wants to go through that. You don’t want teammates going after each other, especially in the dugout in front of everybody, the TV and fans. It’s unfortunate but you have to move on.”

The Cubs now are 1-1 since Zambrano’s dugout flareup on Friday but players credit a closed-door meeting Saturday with getting them back on track. Alfonso Soriano said he tried to call Zambrano Saturday night but discovered he had an old phone number.

“He knows what he has to do and I think he’s smart,” Soriano said. “Whatever he did on Friday was because of the emotion of the game. He did it at the wrong time.”

Can the Cubs forgive and forget? Zambrano accused his teammates of not playing well behind him during his rant.

“I have a pretty short term memory,” Ryan Dempster said. “I can’t remember what pitch I threw in the seventh inning.”

Zambrano shouldn’t expect players to welcome him as if nothing had happened.

“We’ll handle that when he comes back,” Dempster said. “Right now, we’re just worried about trying to win a ballgame.”

A pregame meeting Saturday in which players spoke up has helped the Cubs bond.

“The meeting we had yesterday made everybody have more energy,” Soriano said. “The meeting woke up a lot of people on this team. I think some people felt a little down but that meeting gave everybody more motivation and more belief in themselves in the clubhouse.

“Whatever happened on Friday is part of the game,” he said. “We don’t talk about it. We put this team in the front.”

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

Soriano couldn’t get a hold of Zambrano because he had an old #?!?
What a joke! Soriano you don’t have his right number so I’m just betting all the other players on your team you don’t have their right numbers?
I think it might just be you. Maybe Zambrano did that on purpose for a reason? Probably jealous of your strike outs, your nice hopping after a catch or lack of hustle around the bases.

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