6/28 Zambrano & Cubs

There may be some resolution Monday regarding the Cubs and Carlos Zambrano’s suspension, issued after Friday’s tantrum. GM Jim Hendry has talked to Zambrano’s agent as well as Major League Baseball officials regarding guidelines for the suspension. More later.

— Carrie Muskat


I think that the whole deal between Zambrano and Derrek Lee along with the Cubs organization, the chicago Cubs just need to get rid of Carlos Zambrano. I mean since he has signed his deal with the Cubs he’s gone from Ace to disgrace in my opinion. He just doesnt have the same stuff he used to have. I heard on ESPN this morning that Chicago may look at trading him after the season is over. Why dont you trade him before the trade deadline is up this year? I mean I like Zambrano but since he dont have the same stuff he had I see other pitchers taking over his job as the “Ace”. Does anybody else besides me think that the Chicago Cubs should just trade Zambrano like to the Yankees or Some other ball club who needs a pitcher? I understand that the Cubs owe him a lot of money. well we alos owed Milton Bradley money and we got rid of him. I can see Andrew Cashner taking over Zambrano’s spot as Ace one day. Cashner has something to show. I just don’t see the passion in Zambrano anymore. And one more thing…. What is the difference between Zambrano and Bradley??? This is Zambranos second fight with teamates. So the Cubs trade Barrett and Lee??? Id rather have Lee than Zambrano. Let me know what you think.

When has Zambrano ever been an Ace? At no point have i ever looked at him at an ace. An ace is someone I can count on going out stopping a losing streak, someone who can win a 1-0 ball game, someone who every 5 days takes the ball and gives you a QS. At no point has Z been that guy. Ya there were plenty of times he was great but there were a lot of times when he was awful. He has been a really good pitcher but never an Ace. This is another Hendry siging when the baseball world said “he gave him how much?!?!” Theres a reason….because anyone with a baseball brain knew this guy could be really good, but never cared enough to become great. He will always be the player that should of been…but never was. There are guys with half the talent that work twice as hard and are a lot better than Z. I wish one of those guys had the talent that Z had so all that talent wouldnt go to waste.

Me personally didnt think that he was an ace. All the other comentators say that he was an ace. Maybe he couldve been when Kerry Wood and Mark Prior left. But I agree I think that maybe Cashner could be better than Z. I mean his fastball has been seen at 100 mph. but I mean he has gotten into fights with Michael Barrett and also now Derrek Lee. I just think that his heart wasnt in the game… ever or even now. And I just cant wait to see him go. I hope Mr. Ricketts would just let him go or trade him to another ball club. I mean I do not see any difference from him and Milton Bradley. At least I did like Z. I couldnt stand Milton Bradley after his comments. Look what happened with Sammy Sosa. I mean come on we want to win a championship and we all know Zambrano wears his emotions on his sleeves. But he just needs to go. We can find other talent. I just wonder who we could get for Zambrano.

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