6/29 Rookie relief

The Cubs now have four rookies in the bullpen in James Russell, Andrew Cashner, Jeff Stevens and Brian Schlitter. They used seven rookie relievers in 2006: Rich Hill, Juan Mateo, Angel Guzman, Carlos Marmol, Les Walrond, Jae Kuk Ryu, and David Aardsma.

Entering this season, the last time four rookies pitched out of the ‘pen in a game for
the Cubs was Sept. 30, 2006 when Ryu, Aardsma, Guzman and Walrond all appeared in relief. Those four were among 10 Cubs pitchers in an 11-9 loss to the Rockies. Mateo started that game.

According to baseball historian Ed Hartig, the last time four rookies pitched out of the ‘pen in the same game for the Cubs in a non-September expanded roster period was June 7, 1971. 
Ray Newman, Bill Bonham, Earl Stephenson and Ron Tompkins pitched in relief against the Pirates in an 11-6 loss at Wrigley Field.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, what ever happened to Mateo? And, was Aardsma traded to the Sox for Cotts?

Great value for a $140m ++.

Hendry you are a genius!

Strange, with all the bad, long, no-trade contracts that the Cubs are stuck with, the one contract that would be the most “affordable” to “eat” would be Hendry’s. A drop in the ocean compared to Soriano’s, Zambrano’s and Fukodome’s.
The second half should begin under an all new management team…oh, except OF COURSE the all wise and miraculous Jaramillo, he being the ANSWER Hendry comes up with to fix Soriano and Fukodome, nice move Jim, Jaramillo has Soriano playing as well as, as, um NOT a 130 million dollar slugger. It’s not Jaramillo’s fault, that’s the point, Jaramillo is just another piece of the puzzle that Hendry thought was missing only he doesn’t play the field like the other pieces. Soriano has what…2 more homers than the rookie Colvin who can’t even break in as an every day starter because of Hendry’s il-conceived outfield “plan”.

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