6/30 Cubs' Hill: "We believe"

Despite Wednesday’s 2-0 loss to the Pirates, which dropped the Cubs to 10-games below .500, the players remained optimistic.

“There’s always time,” pitcher Tom Gorzelanny said. “There’s definitely a lot of baseball to be played. We need to get going, we need to win some games here. There’s definitely a lot of baseball to be played and there’s a lot of crazy things that have happened before and there’s no reason for us to panic or worry or believe that we could be some miracle team because we’re a good team and we can put what’s been going on behind us.”

Said Koyie Hill: “We believe in each other, big time.”

Said Alfonso Soriano: “There’s a lot of games left — there’s three months. I know the first three months have not been very good for us. I believe in this team because there’s a lot of great players and a lot of great teammates, also.”

The reality is, the Cubs haven’t won consecutive games since June 16-17 vs. Oakland. They’re now 1-9 in the last 10 series. They’ve now played 43 games decided by two or fewer runs and are 16-27 in those games. In the last 11 games, they’ve scored three or fewer runs, including one run or less in six of those games.

“It’s not like we’re not giving an effort or we’re playing dumb baseball,” Hill said. “I could see if we were taking crazy swings and everybody was up there trying to hit a homer but that’s not the case.”

— Carrie Muskat




I want to know what Kool-aid the players are drinking. They are playing bad baseball. No run support, errors, temper tantrums, etc. Unless they right the ship, they are only going to get worse. The last thing Cub fans want to do is live through next season as a “rebuilding” year.

hey this is jason from vegas and i am a cubs fan til the day i die..yes this season is very hard to watch its actually a disgust to watch these guys roll over on balls with guys in scoring position and so on and so on i could go..BUT JOEYDAFISH dude i read these blogs never write on them but dude your knowledge of baseball is pretty dam* good! but come on man do you really think KOYIE HILL is going too say we f*cking suck!!!! I MEAN COME ON GET REAL YOU DOUSCHE these dudes are trying yes theyre terrible and yes theyre are overpaid guys at every position but would you turn down that kind of money our fool of a GM gives out dont think so buddy..Ive never once seen you say anything positive on this blog!!!!! Come on sori is having a decent year,aramis was prolly one of your fave players but now that the poor guy is trying to play injured you bash the guy..I really think some good things are going to come out from this year with no more long no trade contracts and finally our farm is developing some stud players so it WILL BE OKAY JOEYDAFISH but come on DONT EXPECT OUR BELOVED CUB PLAYERS TOO COME OUT AND FLAT OUT SAY WE SUCK WE HAVE NO CHANCE LETS JUST BEND OVER AND LET EVERY TEAM GIVE IT TO US…LOOK AT SOME POSITIVES YOU TARD SORRY I JUST GOT FED UP READING YOUR NEGATIVE **** EVERYTIME I READ THE BLOGS GET A LIFE MAN!!!!! jason from the LV baby!!!!!!

HA HA!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Oh Koyie, yer killin’ me…too funny!

Carrie, I was wondering whether the Cubs have scored over 4 runs in back to back games this season and if so how many times?

Have to admit I agree with every one of Joey’s sentiments…!

As a team and especially as a Management the Cubs suck. When we do well we comment on it.

Those games / days are few and far between which reflects the negativity of the comments.

The players are saying one thing and doing another… with the exception of Dempster, Byrd and Colvin who work their socks off pre-game the rest are going through the motions. Where is the hustle? Where is the hunger?

I was at each game of the recent Angels series from the moment the gates opened… it was obvious from the work rate of the Angels why they are successful. They ran hard, caught hard and batted hard pre-game. Prior to this the Cubs ambled, prodded and slouched. And this is a reflection on the laissez-faire attitude of Piniella – “what do I do…?” – earn your corn. OR pray god we get a manager with the will to win – I’d take Sciosa any day.

As for Hendry, if I did my job that badly I’d resign from embarassment… he probably can’t though as he inserted a no-trade clause!

At least better toilets…

I read the comment here regards the farm with amazement… this would suggest we have 2-3 standout starters in Iowa winning at least 70% of their starts?

Prominent 1st and 3rd basemen?

A flotilla of big RBI outfielders?

A lead off guy who is stealing bases for fun and getting onbase over 40% of the time?

Come on, name the prospects ready to start in 2011 and 2012…

Until then, please quote fact not rumour.

Jason, “dude” calm down and have some Drambuie?? If you are a long time reader of this blog you will know that I have always given credit to Hendry for getting Ramirez and Lee and where and when have I “BASHED” Ramirez?? I understand his bad year was unexpected by all, you, me AND Hendry included and at worst I may have called for a better BACK UP for Ramirez when he ISN’T or SHOULDN’T be playing. Better than Baker and Tracy. And OF COURSE I don’t expect Hill or ANY Cub to come out and say “We F*****G Suck” but some of the things THEY DO SAY just crack me up and make me laugh like when people use words like “dude”, “dousche” and “tard”…funny, pathetic but funny. Oh yeah, don’t lose any sleep, I have a good life and now my crowning acheivment was getting a big enough rise out of you that you actually commented!!! Good for you, glad I could help you out. Thanks for reminding me Sori is having a “decent” year thereby validating my harsh criticism of the 8 year deal Hendry “shrewdly negotiated”. Goodbye.

pman, they’ve scored at least four runs in consecutive games seven times (and there have been stretches of more than two games in a row). April 9-10, April 12-16; April 23-26; April 29-May 2; May 17-20; May 22-23; June 9-11; and June 15-16. And their record in those games is 18-7.

as for the farm no its not the best by any means out of the majors but it has improved vastly and of course you name 1st and 3rd basemen probaly the easiest things to find in free agency would be those corner out fielders that are huge and 30 homerun hitters im talking bout these young studs brett jackson,jay jackson who will be a # 2 or 3 starter andrew cashner once he develops his other pitches a lil better will be a #1 guy!! so theres a couple right there and it seems chris archer and trey mycnutt are on the fast track up!!!! as for the hardest positions to find in free agency cf,ss,catcher, youve got brett jackson who can play center and has quite a bit of pop and at short of course youve got starlin who is going to be a stud and already skyrocketed up to the majors, than theres hak ju lee who they think is more athletic and talented in triple a i think wellington castillo is just a power threat but i do like chirinos down in double a matt spencer might develop into a decent 1st basemen but theyre is usually a 1st basemen to pick up for 10 mil a year but I THINK THE FARM IS LOOKING REALLY SHARP i dont know everything bout these kids but vitters is another one who could vastly im improve and be with the club by 2012 so brett jackson,tyler colvin,starlin castro,hak ju lee,josh vitters theyll all be in the line up except maybe vitters but also jay jackson casey coleman theres actually quite a few guys with plus stuff wholl be pitching in a few years jackson next year i think thats a decent farm mcnutt is going to be a stud REALLY DUDE I DONT KNOW HOW YOU ARE NOT EXCITED BOUT THESE YOUNG KIDS weve never had this much talent yes patterson was a bust and pie was a bust we didnt have a loaded farm like we do now in case hak ju lee is a bust weve got starlin if b jackson is a bust we already got a lefty who can play center t colvin

AND BY THE WAY HUSTLELIKEREED i didnt say anything about creaming my pants bout the farm i just said we do have some studs pitchers and position players and if u dont think so wow your just as negative as your boy joeydafish and sorry for the dousche calling that was kiddish and i have been reading what you fans write and all i see is hendry bashing i hate hendry too!!!! hes handcuffed this team so bad its ridiculous but man try to focus on the positives this year cashner colvin castro brian schlittler looks surprisingly good we finally have some young studs schlittlers not 1 so please dont jump on me peeps but he does have a live arm and looks good JOEYDAFISH U HAVE GOT TO AGREE THAT OUR FARM HAS MADE A HUGE JUMP WITH WILKEN CORRECT? and sorry bout the name calling im not trying to get on here and have all your fellow fans call me out but i thiknk i had a few valid points farm is lookin good and weve got young kids chompin at the bit to showcase some skills weve got a few up here this year!!!! and colvin kind of came out of nowhere besides when hendry labeled him untouchable 4 years ago but he looks like the guy they thought they were getting!!!!!!

Apology accepted and I do agree, Wilken good, Hendry bad. Farm system IS a big improvement from…crap. Now if only Hendry in his infinate wisdom didn’t logjam the system with overpaid, under achieiving outfielders (aside from Byrd)and utility men we might actually have seen a very good all around outfield by now but we’ll have to wait until “Hendry’s Blunders” are somehow off the roster and hopefully another GM will be the one to get it done.

Hope so man cuz were all rooting for the same team here and i think we all can agree hendry has done a few good things but the bad outweighs the good by a lot ha dude was out of his mind signing off on these no trade contracts the out field would look nice wed prolly have brad snyder in right, byrd in center and colvin in left and i am so sick of theriot why dont they call up darwin barney already?but yea the farm was crap and i actually really like what i see all the teams seem to have above 500 records and allstars in the minors on all of them now our triple a is lacking in position players but your always going to have your 4a players like hoffpauier and dubois so i only pay attention to the pitching in triple a and i love seeing what guys are raking in double a and i think his name is marquez smith who has 9 home runs mark it down JOEYDAFISH he will be our 3rd basemen before vitters is ive hopped on the joeydafish bandwagon it really is easy to talk **** bout that bum hendry once u start typing but there are some positives starting with the three C’s in the majors and the young kids showing some skills in double a and throughout the whole system i really think brett jackson will be called up if we could move d lee put colvin at first he played there at clemson hes got 1st base power keep byrd in center put b jackson in right and sori has looked a lot better defensively without the hop and i think the guy isnt that bad he just doesnt do justice for that contract hes a 10 to 12 mil a year guy so b. jackson in right,byrd center,sori in left,colvin at 1st anyone but theriot at second ill go with flaherty or barney.starlin at ss,and a healthy rami at 3rd and soto and chirinos behind the plate!!!!

I’m sorry, but where are these studs pitching in the Cubs system…? Is anybody out there tearing it up? Yes they are looking ok, but Studs…? No. We quote these players – Carpenter, Jackson, Coleman… but what are their records…? Hardly overwhelming, and not in the rotation this side of 2012.

Yes the Farm has improved, but it isn’t as good as it is portrayed.

O YEAH AND PLEASE LETS GET RID OF NADY ALREADY DOUBLE PLAY NADY that was another thing i disagreed with you on JOEY was i actually liked the signing but you got me on that one you called it what a waste of dempsters generous money they used his backpay on that bum they said!!!!!

dude jay jackson has got great stuff and an era in the 2’s chris archer i believe is 7 and 1 with an era hubbering the low 2’s trey mncutt dude its not about wins buddy i look at the era look at freddy garcia of the sox the dude is like 9 and 3 with almost a 5 era so i dont want to hear that **** about wins their is a lot of good looking pitching down in triple a and weve seen some of it this year but carpenter isnt having as good of year as i thought but hes not having a bad one by any means go thru the stats and go to some minor league games and watch these guys i watched thomas diamond pitch against the redbirds in vegas dudes got great stuff and he isnt even listed as even a 5th rotation guy which he could easily be dude i dont know what stats your looking at but look at these pitchers stats mcnutts,archers,coleman granted hes 21 in triple a and era a little high theres going to be growing pains BUDDY,aaron schafer,jay jackson, dude theres plenty to be excited about brian schlittler had terrible lookin stats but hes had a nice couple innings to show granted only a couple pf innings but if they wanted to waste options calling up these kids they would but theres no reason to when our strentgh with this major league team is starting pitching the bullpen is finally shoring granted cashner has struggled a lil go back and look at all the great pitchers in the game and see what they did in there first year in the majors i know greg maddux sure did suck give these kids a lil time youll actually see a lot of these young kids as long as hendry and lou are gone so than we will actually play young kids INSTEAD OF OVERPAID VETERANS…OBVIOUSLY ME AND YOU AGREE TO DISAGREE AND YOU ARE RETARTED IF U DONT THINK A 22 YEAR OLD JAY JACKSON IN HIS 1ST YEAR IN TRIPLE A WONT BE IN THE STARTING ROTATION BY 2012 KID GOT SCREWED UP WHEN THEY TRIED MOVING HIM TO THE BULLPEN FOR A FEW WEEKS TO SEE IF HE COULD HELP THE BIG LEAGUE TEAL HES FINALLY ADJUSTING AGAIN HIS NUMBERS WERE GREAT BEFORE THAN AND COLEMAN BY 2012 MAYBE NOT ROATION YET BUT DEF BULLPEN BUT I THINK DUDE WILL BE READY THEYRE ALL RIGHT ON THE CUSP AND CARPENTER I THINK HAS A BETTER CHANCE THAN COLEMAN A LIL OLDER A LIL BETTER STUFF IM JUST READING WHAT THE SO CALLED ADVANCE SCOUTS SAY ABOUT THESE MIDDLE OF THE ROTATION GUYS THEY KNOW MORE THAN ME AND YOU OTHERWISE UD BE MANAGING A MAJOR LEAGUE TEAM INSTEAD OF YOUR 5 YEAR OLDS SON TEAM LIKE I DO QUIT QUESTIONING ME ON THOSE YOUNG KIDS THEYRE GOING TO BE GOOD PLAYERS!!!!!!!AND STUDS I MEAN TYLER COLVIN,BRETT JACKSON,ANDREW CASHNER,HAK JU LEE,STARLIN CASTRO,TREY MCNUTT AND A FEW OTHERS 3 OF THE 7 NAMES I MENTIONED ARE ON THE THE MAJOR LEAGUE ROSTER O WOW HOW BOUT THAT HUSTLELIKEREED WE HAVE THREE STUDS JUST FROM THIS YEAR WHO KINDA CAME FROM NOWHERE COLVIN DID CASHNER SOUNDED LIKE HED BE IN DOUBLE A ALL YEAR AND CASTRO THEY MADE IT SOUND LIKE HE WOULD MAYBE MAKE IT UP TO TRIPLE A AND COLVIN HE WAS ON NOT ANYONES RADAR TILL SPRING TRAINING

jay jackson has been jerked around so his era in the mid 3’s doesnt do him justice hed be in the mid 2’s if theyd of not shifted him back and forth in the bullpen and hung when chen another possible good starter I MEAN SERIOUSLY DUDE HOW MANY GREAT ERAs and pitchers do you expect to have throughout the minors i check out other highly rated prospects and some are top 50 in double a with higher era’s than jay jackson and coleman combined and theyre the same age maybe bot that high but for coleman and jackson its just another learning step in the right direction theyre 22 not 28 and on the downside they have great upside and same to most of the other names i names now are they going to be all stars? did i say that no jackson is the only stud to me at the triple a level pitching wise once upon a time i thought atkins had a chance to be a 2 or 3 starter and hes turning it around JAY JACKSON IS A STUD!!!!! dudes got 4 pitches he can execute and has a very bright future i would say yes we do have some cant miss prospects and a few are playing for the major league team see HUSTLELIKEREED THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U PLAY WELL U GET CALLED UP AND SHOW WHAT YOU CAN DO I AM IMPRESSED WITH STARLIN YES HES MAKING MISTAKES AND ERRORS BUT SO DID HANLEY RAMIREZ YES TYLER COLVIN IS MISJUDGING BALLS BUT WITH TIME HE WILL BE A BALLHAWK AND A GUY WHO CAN SMASH THE COVER OFF THE BALL LIKE HE IS NOW WOW AND HOW BOUT THIS KID CASHNER WHO THROWS A 100 MPH WITH MOVEMENT WHAT WOULD YOU CALL THAT A STUD NA UD PROLLY CALL HIM A DUD he just needs to develop other putches and kids going to be lights out!!!!!!! so like i said before we agree to disagree weve made our points buddy end it


Joking – in a non-patronising or personal way aside, I can’t get excited about Carpenters 6-3 W/L and 3+ERAor Jackson’s 4-6 and 3.63 ERA yet…

This is hilarious stuff!!! Carrie should be proud of having us sharp (dim?? ha.) witted commentators on her blog. I’m hoping we can all agree that the farm system is improved over previous years but that doesn’t say very much considering how little the system contributed in the past yet I do see some light at the end of the tunnel for the first time not being the train. But, I know I would still feel better if the proper GM and manager were in place NOW to make sure the proper course of action is put in place. I have very little confidence in Hendry’s judgement and ability to promote or trade what talent is in the minor league and not much confidence in Pinella’s ability to sit down the dead beat veterans and play the CORRECT young talent that does miraculously show up on the roster. Only Byrd should be an everyday “veteran” with Fukodome AND Soriano riding the bench so Colvin can play every day in either left or right field. By some rare moment of intellect both Pinella and Hendry saw the value of Castro over Theriot at SS, now the same should be said of Colvin over Soriano and Fukodome but they let the allmighty contracts of both blind them and hope that Soriano can “carry” the team, yeah right, he’ll get his two homer days vs. the Pirates and all is well according to Pinella and Hendry. As long as saving face is more important tha winning games Pinella and Hendry will work in tandem to keep their jobs??? Not good.

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