7/1 Do the math

Dusty Baker knows all about the high expectations in Chicago.

“Yeah, it’s tough,” Baker said about managing the Cubs. “One reason it’s tough is because nobody lets go of the past. Everybody is still counting. I was here for four out of the 100 years. You talk to most and they act like I was here the whole 100 years. I’m only 61 years old.”

— Carrie Muskat


Another reason it’s tough beside nobody letting go of the past, the Ricketts are not letting go of Hendry.

Day after day we are seeing Ricketts DO NOTHING.

Are you the most feeble businessman in the US…?

If this were a listed company would the majority shareholder sit silent whilst the CEO destroyed his investment…?

Hendry, Piniella and Kenney must go… NOW.

We need hitters who hit, not noodles, signs and shiny toilets. We are further away from competing than is believable.

Is Ricketts the only guy on deck who can’t see the Iceberg…?

Sitting at home watching this drivel on ESPN America in utter disbelief!

I can go so far as to cut the Ricketts some slack considering how much of their money has been wasted by Hendry but I can’t quite figure out how somebody doing such a horrid job is not let go??? Field managers are usually the scapegoats for the follies of the genera manager yet even Pinella keeps his job?? Truly a unique organization from top to bottom, no wonder the futility runs rampant. Bring back Dallas Green for Pete’s sake….SOMETHING…

When Ricketts paid $800m plus for the Cubs he became guardian of all Cubs fans hopes and dreams.

Nobody said it was an easy job… but those hopes and dreams need to be looked after, not ignored.

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