7/2 Happy 4th of July

The white caps with the red/white/blue insignia that the Cubs and Reds players are wearing this weekend are part of a special promotion. Major League Baseball properties will donate 100 percent of the proceeds it receives from the sale of the “Stars & Stripes” caps to Welcome Back Veterans, a program which addresses the needs of returning American Veterans and their families.

— Carrie Muskat  


The CUBS are now 2 and 5 since the BIG Z blow-up game. The CUBS have scored 14 runs in 7 games that is an average of 2 runs per game. The bad news is 6 of the runs in 1 game. But, Jim Hendry wants to put the blame on the BIG Z. I think, the 5 starters of the CUBS should follow the BIG Z. Start their next game and then have a blow-up after the first inning and see what Jim Hendry’s next move will be after the game.

You know Big Z is watching the game in New York and laughing HYSTERICALLY. He probably left voice mail messages for his teammates, that went something like this “I’m getting traded…Na Na Na Na Na…”

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