7/2 LIneup Friday

Mike Fontenot is starting at second base Friday for the Cubs as they try to load up on lefties against the Reds’ Bronson Arroyo. He’s the third different second baseman in the last five games. Here’s the lineup:

LF Colvin

2B Fontenot

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

CF Byrd

RF Fukudome

SS Castro

C Hill

P Dempster

— Carrie Muskat


Is this lineup the worst performing in Cubs history…? They would struggle to hit a barn door.

Exactly what production does cLou-less expect batting DP Lee and his trusty sidekick at 3 and 4.

Every Cubs fan can see these guys need to be separated and down the order except our manager who is now surely trying to get himself fired.

Lee says he is sure he knows how we feel… in which case the clutch sapping Double Plays must be premeditated – because every fan can see them coming!

The best ERA in MLB in the last 7weeks and we have slipped back 4 1/2 games in that time.

Lou please wake up and smell the coffee – or at least wake up and show some leadership. How can the roster respect a guy who seems so far removed from reality as he sits in the dugout?

Although I will not bash Lee and Ramirez considering they were the two best pickups by Hendry and their current season long slump is admittedly bewildering all of us fans and Hendry I will say that when Lou keeps on saying things like “what else can I do” and “I’ve tried everything”…well Lou you never did try dropping Ram and Lee WAY down in the order THAT”S something else you can do. Or would that hurt their feelings too much as well as Hendry’s?
I know Lou is struggling to find the right line up but it is more of an indictment on Hendry. A sad roster when given 140 million to “play” with is a much bigger act of negligence than a manager’s frustrating attempts at finding a line up from that roster. And by the way, if we HAD somebody that hustles like Reed we may not have such a terrible one run loss record. Can’t re-sign Johnson…NO SIR he was injured and he might hurt himself again-oh my!, must have Nady, can’t play Fuld, MUST have NADY!!! And HIS injured arm. What a caveman way of doing business…HULK SMASH!!

Can we just pick a lineup and stick with it? I mean everyday it’s a different lineup. That can’t be good mentally for a team that is already struggling to hit.

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